Friday, November 18, 2011

A Look Back - 07/01/2009: A New, More Militant Tom Freel?

The Sky: Will It Fall?
Ask any of the anti-LNG crowd and the answer isn't just "yes" it's a resounding "hell yes".After all, it's very important to keep fear alive when you are battling a big energy company that has the nerve to go through years and years and years of being roasted over a slow fire just to bring in a billion dollar project that will shore up our faltering local economy. The fear factor is vital if you plan to unseat local and state office-holdersThe same people who brought you a Port Commissioner who couldn't even complete her term is positioning itself to take more (apparently temporary) control of local and state politics and the LNG issue. I can't wait for the Peter Hutula campaign for state rep to kick into full swing. I wonder who will be angling for the County Commission?
Posted by Tom Freel at 10:13 AM

GRP:That's some very aggressive language coming from KAST's morning voice and of late, one of the biggest noises supporting NSNG/Bradwood even to the point of suggesting a local restaurant is the headquarters of environmental radicals and sitting quietly by while his loyal audience of anonymous posters discourage doing business with the place.

For Tom's 'Coastwatch Blog' it truly appears the ideal of the saw "Freedom of the press is a wonderful privilege, especially when you own it" is in play here at one of New Northwest Broadcasters broadcasting centers as any challenge to his musings will never see the light of day.

Then, again, it seems, over recent history, that Mr. Freel gets a little more vocal in defense of LNG Speculation in our community when a controversy arises that may threaten its now, even shakier, future in this part of the world and coincidentally we have another Clatsop County Board of Commissioners hearing on a couple of LUBA Issues impacting Bradwood Landing's future coming up so, guess what, a whole lot of noise coming out of NNB Headquarters including another blitz of those Brandwood Landing endorsement/commercials.

Wonder who's going to take the lead at NNB for the Oregon LNG advertising campaign when/if that project gets any traction. Somebody's going to have to do some fine tippy toeing on that one. How's that going to work?

And let's not even get into the discussion that the Western Natural Gas and coalition Pipeline Industries say that the flow of Natural Gas, for many years to come, in the Western Markets will not be impacted in the least by the lack of any LNG Speculation and Development whatosever even from Alaska which has its own overland pipeline slated, with a MidWest terminus and just announced and endorsed by its Governor Sarah Palin.

I'm thinking now the "Fear Mongering" is indeed pointless as a more poignant issue has arisen...the simple need for this LNG Process maybe just isn't there in the first place and our efforts may be better spent attracting cohesive and compatible industry to our community that will put thousands of us to work for years to come.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Seaside Shooting Incident Warrants Arrest, Jailing And Charges Of Menacing And Unlawful Use Of A Firearm

On 11/11/2011, at 0459hrs, Timothy Schwanke (DOB 09/24/84),
called 911 to report Jason Ames (DOB 2/20/88) was threatening to shoot him.
While Schwanke was on the line with the dispatcher, shots were fired. Schwanke
ran from the area and was uninjured. Deputies immediately responded to the area
with the assistance of a Seaside Police Sergeant. The events occurred on Bear
Rd. near the Elderberry Inn in the Elsie area.

Deputies surrounded the Ames residence until daylight. The
residence was called and Ames surrendered to Sheriff’s Deputies peacefully.
Eight empty .22 caliber shell cases were recovered on Bear Rd. near the Ames
residence. Also seized was the semi-automatic rifle and ammunition used during
the shooting. Ames was lodged in the Clatsop County Jail and charged with
Menacing and Unlawful Use of a Firearm. Additional charges may be filed later.

Any additional details please
Sheriff Bergin
503 791-0072

Janet L. Perschek
Support Division Supervisor
Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office

From Time.Com: Greening This Old House; Saving Money And The Environment By Upgrading Older Homes

Greening This Old House
By Bryan Walsh - Time Magazine

Photo By - Viktor Koen - For Time
Thursday, Apr. 23, 2009
Would Abraham Lincoln have gone green? Frank Milligan thinks so. Milligan is the director of President Lincoln's Cottage, a Gothic Revival mansion on a breezy hill a few miles from the White House, where Lincoln and his family sought relief from the summer heat during the Civil War.