Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gas Industry "Export Or Die" Knee-Jerk Breeds Skepticism

(Art Work By Jack Guyot)
Saturday, February 25, 2012
Skepticism Surrounds Gas Industry's Export-or-Die Narrative
By Press Action

Ten or so years ago, I was having a seemingly innocuous conversation about the state of “the economy” with a co-worker. The discussion took an unusual turn, though, when she went off the deep end. “I don’t care if we have to cut down all the trees and pave over all the land, as long as it creates jobs,” she asserted. “Concerns about the environment or animals should never get in the way of economic progress.”

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Audio Transcripts For February 22, 2012 Clatsop County Board Of Commission Sessions

Meeting Highlights
Jail election
The board of
commissioners voted unanimously to seek voter approval in the May 15 primary
election for a $14 million, 20-year general obligation bond to fund the
expansion and remodeling of the Clatsop County Jail.
The project would
increase the capacity of the facility from 60 beds to 164, plus pay to remodel
the county’s parole and probation office in Warrenton to house the Sheriff’s
Office criminal division and administrative staff, who are currently located in
the jail facility.
The tax rate for the
bond would be 16.5 cents per $1,000 assessed property value, equal to $33 a year
for a property with a $200,000 assessed value.

Communications grant
The board approved
the remainder of a multi-year grant from the Oregon Emergency Management
The grant, which was
awarded in 2009, comes from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Homeland
Security grant program and was originally managed by Tillamook County on behalf
of Clatsop County. Tillamook County has indicated it can no longer administer
the grant; the board’s action allows Clatsop County to manage the remaining
period of the grant, which extends to June 30, 2012. The grant will make up to
$135,000 available to fund the ongoing improvements to the county’s emergency
communications infrastructure.

Manager recruiter
The board gave its
consent to the selection of consultants Prothman and Associates to assist the
county’s search for a replacement for retiring County Manager Duane Cole, who is
stepping down June 1. Prothman consulted for the county on the recruitment and
hiring of Cole in 2009.

In other business the
-Voted to grant
official recognition to the North Coast Watershed Association, which includes
the Ecola Creek, Nicolai-Wickiup, Skipanon and Youngs Bay watershed
-Re-appointed Pamela
Alegria and Libby Lawrence to the Recreational Lands Planning Advisory
-Approved a
proclamation recognizing March as American Red Cross Month.

Tom Bennett
Community Relations Coordinator
(503) 325-1000 ext. 1312

DUII's - A Daily Astorian Short History - A Chronology Of Reports Over 10 Years

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clatsop County Board Of Commissioners Vote To Take Jail Bond Measure To Voters!

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012


Clatsop County voters will be asked in May to fund an expansion of the county jail facility.

The Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Wednesday to place a $14 million bond measure on the May 15 primary election ballot.

The bond would fund the expansion and remodeling of the current jail facility in downtown Astoria to increase capacity from 60 to 164 beds, plus pay for the renovation of the county’s Parole and Probation office in Warrenton to accommodate the Sheriff’s Office criminal division staff, who are currently housed in the jail building.

The tax rate on the 20-year bond would be 16.5 cents per $1,000 assessed value, or $33 a year on a property with a $200,000 assessed value.

Enlarging the jail is aimed at reducing the large number of criminal offenders released before the end of their sentences due to lack of space, as well as to provide a sanctions option for parole and probation violators and people wanted on warrants. The current lack of space and layout also limits the jail staff’s ability to separate inmates by criminal classification and to isolate inmates with contagious diseases or behavioral issues.

The county jail opened in 1980 with 29 beds. Capacity was later expanded to 64 by double-bunking and converting other space into cells, but remained inadequate to handle the number of suspects waiting trial and sentenced offenders. In 2005 the maximum occupancy was capped at 60, due to safety concerns related to overcrowding.

The expansion project would extend both levels of the facility eastward and reorganize the existing space to add more jail beds as well as expand medical facilities, intake and booking quarters, staff offices and kitchen and laundry facilities, which are all currently undersized. The project would add isolation units for inmates with illness and behavioral problems, as well as space for inmates participating in substance abuse treatment and other programs.

The May ballot measure is the county’s first attempt in almost 10 years to seek voter approval for a solution to the jail overcrowding problem. In November 2002 county voters rejected a $15.7 million bond measure for construction of an all-new jail facility. At the time of the 2002 effort, county officials had not settled on a design or location for the proposed new jail.

County staff and commissioners continued to investigate proposals for expanding or replacing the county jail. In 2006 the Sheriff’s Office contracted with DLR Group design consultants to draft preliminary plans for installing dormitory-style cells in the bottom floor of the facility. That plan did not prove workable, but continued discussions between the Sheriff’s Office and DLR eventually turned toward the current proposal. In November 2011 the board of commissioners approved a contract with DLR to develop detailed schematics and cost estimates for the new expansion plan.

The resulting plans developed by DLR envision a phased project beginning with the renovation of the Parole and Probation office to create offices for the 26 personnel in the Sheriff’s Office criminal division. The second phase would add the extensions to both levels of the jail building, and remodel the lower level for jail staff, booking, and other services, as well as add a new entryway. Finally, the existing jail space would be remodeled. Work would be planned so that the jail would remain in operation and not require the transfer or release of any inmates.

Under the proposed project timeline, the facility would be completed by the end of 2014.

Operating expenses for the expanded jail are estimated to increase by $1,266,300 a year, as a result of expanding the number of staff from 25.5 FTE (fulltime equivalent) to 34, as well as increased supply and maintenance costs. Those increases would be offset by an estimated $391,200 in savings in various areas, including ending the rental of 18 jail beds in Tillamook County, for a net increase in annual operating costs of $875,100.

County officials say those increased costs can be covered by the county’s annual revenue from the Clatsop State Forest. Currently, the county dedicates more than $1 million in timber revenue each year to paying off a bond covering its Public Employee Retirement System unfunded liability and a $4 million loan for the 2007 remodel of the county courthouse. Both the bond and loan will be paid off by 2014.

Public Input Sought And Welcomed On Camp Rilea Joint Land Use Study

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012

The public is invited to review and provide comments on the final draft Joint Land Use Study covering development near Camp Rilea Armed Forces Training Facility in Warrenton.

Clatsop County, in cooperation with other jurisdictions, agencies and organizations in the region, is preparing a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) to address compatibility planning around Camp Rilea. The primary objective of the JLUS is to reduce potential conflicts between Camp Rilea and surrounding areas, while accommodating new growth and economic development, sustaining economic vitality, protecting public health and safety, and sustaining the operational missions of the installation.

To view the final draft study, go to Copies are also available for view at the Clatsop County Community Development Office, 800 Exchange St., Astoria, and the Astoria Library. The public comment period extends through March 19; comments can be submitted to the Community Development office or emailed to

The Clatsop County Planning Commission will discuss the draft JLUS plan at a special meeting Tuesday, Feb. 28 beginning at 10 a.m. at the Judge Guy Boyington Building, 857 Commercial St., Astoria.

Released by: Tom Bennett
Community Relations Coordinator
(503) 338-3622

Clatsop County Planning Commission Notice Of February 28, 2012 Public Hearing

Arch Cape Design Review Committee Seeks Vacant Seat Applicant

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012

Clatsop County is seeking applications for a vacant seat on the Southwest Coastal Citizens
Advisory Committee.

The committee
evaluates all construction design review applications for the Arch Cape
community submitted to the county Community Development Department.
committee meets once a month.

The county Board of
Commissioners will make the appointment. The term of the vacant seat will be
determined by the committee.

Deadline for
applications is March 2.
To apply, obtain an
application form and return it to the Clatsop County Manager’s Office at 800
Exchange St., Suite 410, Astoria OR 97103, (503) 325-1000. Forms are available
from the County Manager’s Office or can be downloaded from the county website at “Quick
Links-Citizen Involvement.”

Released by:Tom Bennett
Community Relations Coordinator
(503) 338-3622

February 29, 2012 Clatsop County Board Of Commissioners Work Session Retreat Agenda

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Suspect In Astoria Officer-Involved Shooting Named, Released From Hospital And Arrested (Update) Arraignment Delayed Till February 22

Savinskiy Arraignment Delayed Till February 22 at 1:15 PM
February 21, 2012
The arraignment of Yevgeniy Pavlovich Savinskiy related to Attempted
Aggravated Murder and other charges was delayed on Tuesday February 21, 2012.
Savinskiy, indicated he required the assistance of a translator. Issues related
to providing a translator have been surrounded and he will be arraigned in
Clatsop County Circuit Court on Wednesday, February 22 at 1:15 pm in Courtroom
100. Requests for camera access needs to be addressed to the Clatsop County
Circuit Court at 503-325-8555.

FEBRUARY 17, 2012
Detectives of the Oregon State Police have arrested 37-year-old Yevgeniy Pavlovich Savinskiy of Washougal, Washington on Information filed in Clatsop County Circuit Court.

He is being charged with 13 counts including two counts of Attempted Aggravated Murder, two counts of Attempted Assault in the First Degree, Felony Attempt toElude, Identity Theft, and Attempted Possession of a Firearm Silencer,Attempted Possession of a Destructive Device and five counts of Recklessly Endangering Another Person. The first 6 counts are felonies, carrying sentences ranging from 5 to 20 years in prison and the last 7 charges are misdemeanors carrying a possible one year jail sentence. The first two counts are Measure 11 allegations, carrying a 10 year mandatory prison terms if convicted.

Savinskiy had just been released from a Portland hospital where he had been treated for gunshot wounds in his wrist and shoulder resulting from a confrontation with Astoria Police in the early evening of Sunday, February 12. Astoria Police had gone to the Lamplighter Motel on Marine Drive in Astoria when hotel staff had become concerned about items in a room they had found. Police found what appeared to be a silencer - a device that is illegal without a special permit from theFederal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. Officers asked hotel staff to notify them if the man, who had checked in under another name, returned. He returned about 5:30 pm Sunday evening.

When uniformed officers attempted to contact him, he met them at the door of his room by pointing a loaded handgun at them. Two officers fired several rounds, at least two of which struck Savinskiy.

Although bleeding profusely, Savinskiy got into a silver Chrysler van, rented under yet another name at Portland International Airport, and took officers from several Clatsop County Police Agencies on a high speed chase down US Highway 101 at speeds up to 110 mph. Sheriff's Deputies and anAstoria Police Sergeant deployed spike strips and used a tactical maneuver with a police car to stop the van near the junction of US Highways 101 and 26.

Savinskiy was taken into custody there without further incident and transported by ambulance to Columbia Memorial Hospital where he was stabilized before being transported to a Portland trauma center.

The investigation, directed by an Oregon State Police detective and aided by members of the Clatsop County Major Crime Team - made up of officers from all the police agencies in the county and agents from several federal law enforcement organizations, continue to conduct an investigation into both the shooting and possible crimes by Savinskiy. A search warrant yielded an assault rifle that matched the same ammunition found earlier Sunday by Astoria Police and numerous other items.

Savinskiy told police he was in business and carried a gun to protect himself because he had received death threats.

Court records show that Savinskiy and a company, believed to be associated with him, are being sued for approximately $8 million dollars.Police have information that former customers are looking for Savinskiy. Since the suspect used several different names and expressed concern for his safety,authorities were reluctant to release his identity while he was still in the hospital.

He is scheduled to be arraigned in Clatsop County Circuit Court on Tuesday, February 21 at 1:15 pm in Courtroom 300 (NOTE: Requests for camera access needs to be addressed to the Clatsop County Circuit Court at 503-325-8555). It is expected that a Grand Jury will consider charges against Savinskiy sometime next week and if Indicted he would be arraigned again.
At this time security is set at $10,000,000.00. Under Oregon law that requires the posting of one-tenth of that amount ($1 million) in cash.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

What Is A Moderate Republican? Are You One?

By: Jim McGrody (texasplaintalk)
Plaintalk from the Texas Hill Country - It's My party Too!

What does it mean to be a Moderate Republican?

One often hears the expression, “Strong on defense, fiscally conservative and socially moderate”.

Although this is the essence of the answer it does not go far enough to allow the
shaping of public policy.
Strong on Defense
A moderate Republican believes in a strong defense policy which recognizes
that, for the foreseeable future, there are people out there who want to kill us and
we must insure a strong military presence supported by a strong budget.
A moderate Republican supports public policy that strengthens our military and
provides continued focus on Homeland Security. In time of war, a moderate
Republican would support legislation that provides special, yet constitutional,
powers to federal, state and local public agencies; providing that such measures
include Congressional oversight and expiration dates requiring Congress to
revisit such legislation from time to time.
Moderate Republicans believe that it is not possible to defend against every
conceivable kind of attack in every conceivable location at every minute of the
day or night. Defending against terrorism and other emerging 21st century
threats may well require that we take the war to the enemy. The best, and in
some cases, the only defense is a good offense.
Moderate Republicans believe that the transformation of the U.S. military is
needed to prepare for new and unexpected challenges. We must be prepared for
surprise. We must learn to live with little or no warning.
Fiscally Conservative
A moderate Republican believes that tax cuts stir growth and job creation.
However, a moderate is not necessarily opposed to new spending – provided
that such spending is offset, when possible, with appropriate cuts of ineffective
programs. Earmarks should be controlled, if not eliminated. And, there must be
transparency in the reporting of all spending. Finally, all spending programs must
have a “sunset” date insuring that no program overstays its legislative purpose.
The budget should be balanced and if we forego a tax cut to help bring the
budget into balance, so be it.
Fiscal and monetary policy should provide incentives for the private sector to
invest in their businesses. Such investment will drive job growth and the
economic engine of America.
Common sense regulatory policies are both appropriate and necessary.
Socially Moderate
A moderate Republican believes that there should be no religious litmus test to
be a member of the Party.
A moderate Republican believes that abortion is a difficult issue and he/she may or may not be pro-life. However, public policy should be so directed as to make abortion rare and a deeply-informed decision. Adoption alternatives should be aggressively developed and funded.
A moderate Republican believes that federal funds should not be used for
abortions and supports legislation that restricts such use.
A moderate Republican believes that end-of-live decisions are a matter between
the patient, his or her family and his or her doctor.
A moderate Republican believes that social policy should be based on broadly
based moral positions and not personally-held religious beliefs.
Rigorous personal integrity and personal responsibility are critical to the
successful implementation of social policy.
Moderate Republicans believe that marriage is, indeed, a sacred institution and
should be protected. Given the biological imperative of a marriage between one
man and one woman, such marriages should be supported with appropriate
legislation and tax policy. However, recognizing the pluralistic nature of American
society, civil unions should be recognized but not encouraged vis-à-vis tax policy.
Equal opportunity must be the rule of law. A moderate Republican believes that
all men are created equal but that equal ‘outcomes’ must not be socially
The Environment
A moderate Republican supports public policy premised on the notion of
stewardship. A policy that promotes affordable, reliable, and secure energy
supplies by increasing conservation, investing in new technologies, developing
renewable energy technologies, and exploring for new domestic sources of
A moderate Republican believes that nothing is more conservative than
conservation. He/she believes that we should safeguard the resources on which
the health, recreation, and economic prosperity of present and future Americans
depend. There is nothing conservative - and certainly nothing wise - in
squandering our energy, clean air and water, beloved landscapes wildlife,
wilderness, wetlands, and other natural resources.
Health Care
When it comes to health care, a moderate Republican believes that the proper
role of government is to protect the freedom of all people to improve their own
health. Patients and their doctors – not lawyers or bureaucrats – should decide
which treatment is best. Good choices in a health care system built on free
market principles and aggressive tax policy ultimately translate into higher quality
and better care.
Immigration Policy
A moderate Republican believes that a government that cannot secure its
borders and determine who may enter and who may not, fails in a fundamental
responsibility. As we take steps to secure our borders and enforce our laws, we
must also ensure that our immigration laws and policies advance our national
interests, and that the immigration process itself is as fair, efficient, and effective
as possible.
A moderate Republican believes that there are three phases to a successful
immigration strategy for the 21st Century:
1. Secure the Borders
2. Deal with Current Levels of Illegal Immigrants
3. Establish Comprehensive Programs for a 21st Century Immigration Policy
Trade Policy
A moderate Republican believes that our trade policy should rest firmly on the
foundation of free and open markets and that free trade is one of the most
important avenues to promote growth.
A moderate Republican believes that trade agreements expand America's
marketing opportunities and the jobs that go with them.
A moderate Republican believes that bringing more countries and people into the global
marketplace will make America safer and create new markets for its products worldwide.

Coast Guard Closes Multiple Bar Entrances On Oregon/Washington Coasts

U.S. Coast Guard - 13th District
February 18, 2012

SEATTLE – The Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) Sector Columbia River, in Astoria, Ore., issued the closure of the Quillayute River, Wash., Grays Harbor, Wash., Tillamook Bay, Ore., Depoe Bay, Ore., and the Coos Bay, Ore., bar entrances due to hazardous conditions at approximately 8:30 a.m., Saturday.

The bar closure applies to all vessels and any request to transit the bars prior to reopening must be approved by the COTP, Sector Columbia River. Mariners may contact the Coast Guard on VHF-FM Channel 16 or Sector Columbia River by telephone at (503) 861-6211 for further information or to request crossing.

The Coast Guard will re-evaluate the bar closure on an ongoing basis and will re-open the waterway as soon as the offshore weather improves.

The Coast Guard understands the effects these closures have on commerce and will make every effort to re-open these waterways as soon as they are considered safe for navigation.

Source: U.S. Coast Guard – 13th District