Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Assistant County Manager, Nicole Williams Requests Transfer To County Clerk Position

Monday, Oct. 22, 2012

Clatsop County Manager Scott Somers announced that Nicole Williams will become the new Clatsop County Clerk.

Williams, currently assistant county manager, requested the transfer, which will officially take place Dec. 1.

Williams originally joined the clerk’s office in 1999. She was named county clerk in 2005 and held the position until 2008, when she moved to the county manager’s office.

The county clerk is the record-keeper for the county and administers public records, archives, legal recordings, passports and marriage licenses. The office also oversees elections and voter registration, and coordinates property tax appeals.

In August Williams was tapped to fill the county clerk position on a part-time, interim basis following the departure of former clerk Maeve Kennedy Grimes. She is currently overseeing operations for the upcoming Nov. 6 general election.

At this time the county plans to leave the assistant county manager position unfilled following Williams’ transfer, according to Somers. Preliminary financial forecasts for the 2013-14 county budget indicate a potential shortfall, and leaving the position vacant will provide significant cost savings, he said.

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