Monday, September 07, 2009

We Are Witnessing A Piece Of Our History Die Before Our Very Eyes!

Harry Flavel Dead At 82 On May 31, 2010Read Full Daily Astorian Report

This is the Flavel House. Although the nearby home of Captain Flavel is better known, this is a Flavel house too. It was built by the Captain George Flavel's son, George Conrad Flavel Jr. It is still owned by the Flavel family - Harry Sherman Flavel (born 1927) and Mary Louise Flavel (born 1925). They are the grandchildren of George Conrad Flavel Jr. and the great-grandchildren of Captain George Flavel. The house is currently unoccupied and neglected.

Yes, the Flavel House, the other one and it is very distressing to see it deteriorate daily, with no attempt at dialogue at all by those who care with Harry and Mary Louise Flavel in whose care it is now in.

Who, out there has the magic to get the ear of these two with a solution that benefits them as well as this home's place in history?

Its value, in my view, goes way beyond becoming just the private home of some "High Roller" with a pocket full of money to restore it but should belong to us all.


Anonymous said...

Don't know if it's true or not but I heard a rumor that the Flavels want it to sit there and rot (just as they let the commercial properties rot) as a way to poke a finger in Astoria's eye ... something about leftover hard feelings Harry has about that whole stabbing incident here in Astoria many years ago.

Patrick McGee said...

Yeah, that's been the story for quite a while.

I hear Mary Louise is willing to talk but it never really gets past that point.

Unfortunately, as each day goes by more dterioration takes its toll.

Anonymous said...

It isnt anyone's business but the Flavels what they do or don't do with their property. Just leave them alone-they dont come and stick their noses in your business.

Now you, McGee state: Its value..... goes way beyond becoming just the private home of some "High Roller" with a pocket full of money to restore it but should belong to us all

What are you, some kind of communist making a manifesto or something? You are advocating depriving someone's home and property because in your sick mind it should belong to "us"---and just who is "us", McGee? Is that "Us" you're blathering about just happen to be a bunch of Californians who think they can buy off any sense of hontesty and integrity and force somebody to turn that place over to some "investors" These California speculaters are a particularly greedy swinish lot. They shouold be strongly encouraged that if they are going to be here they are gonna take heat from the locals. Especially when some overmedicated windbag like you start daydreaming about stealing some families holding because you think its a good idea.

Patrick McGee said...

My overmedicated vision sees the Flavels, in exchange for a Life Estate for the both of them, donating the property to, let's say, The Lower Columbia Preservation Society or other related non-profit to use as a headquarters, museum, and ongoing restoration/learning project.

I would immediately mitigate necessary repairs to the structure and provide a first rate and private living area for both Mary Louise and Harry Flavel until they are no longer with us as well as immediately undertake restoration to the entire property as funds and fund raising permit.

Anonymous said...

So, now besides being a "building designer" you've added being an estate planner/manager/executor for someone you don't even know.

I would love to hear what Harry Flavel would say to you "if it would be okay if he lived in his house he and his sis just dont own it anymore." You better hope he doesn't have anything sharp in his hand or in easy reach.

Anonymous said...

It's their business?
Tell that to the neighbors.
The city can exercise its right to condemn or use eminent domain if the place becomes even more of a fire or health hazard.
Its tragic when so many people, even those on fixed incomes, wotk hard to keep their homes up that one family of wackos soil it for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

I SO agree with you McGee, it's so sad that these people (Harry and "his sis"/partner, what have you), don't have enough respect for their family, their grandfather (who built the house that was likely given to them), or even their own heritage to save this beautiful historic dying house. Their great-grandfather would be so ashamed! I'm with you...SAVE THE FLAVEL house! I don't know any sane person who would disagree.

Unknown said...

I am searching for a picture of Harry Sherman Flavel, 1927 - 2010, can't find one anywhere!

123ID said...

I am searching for a picture of Harry Sherman Flavel, 1927 - 2010, can't find one anywhere!