Thursday, October 01, 2009

C.E.D.R.-Clatsop Economic Development Resources: Who Are They? What Do They Do?

Ever had any direct experience with or direct benefit from this group?

How do they shape up in our community?

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Anonymous said...

they are a major funding source for the rearing of salmon fry that return to the Youngs Bay terminal fishery-which provides income for the gillnet fleet and recreational opportunity for the sports fishing people.

Patrick McGee said...

That would be C.E.D.C.(Clatsop Economic Development Commission) which gets, what is it, $100,000 a year for the Fisheries Research Project is what I think it's called and overseen by Clatsop County and tha's pretty much its extent isn't it?

Ann Samuelson said...

Rick Gardner, and Mark Thompson work with the board and community to provide business development services, and support to keep businesses here. Recently they worked to keep some of the Carruthers folks here rather than having those jobs go out of state. There was assistance in negotiating with the main office out of state, and to relocate their office within Clatsop County. That is just one of the many examples of the good work of CEDR. This community is so very fortunate to have Rick Gardner and Mark Thompson working to keep business here and develop others. I serve on the board, and this is a board where things happen and no time or energy is wasted.

Patrick McGee said...

My understanding is that Carruthers left their Engineering division her only and are setting up shop in Astoria.

I'm not sure as to the production activity that was her but, how many jobs were lost in the community due to their move?

Thank you for your input.

Marc said...

She didn't come here to answer questions mcgee, just to pat herself on the back.

Scared in Jewell said...

You gotta give Hazen credit for at least having a blog even if he doesn't post often or answer many questions.
North Korean Ann has no way of reaching her unless you want to show up at one her "rallies" and heaven help you if you say something critical because her husband will "come after you!"

Patrick McGee said...

Back to that Carruthers deal.

How many jobs were lost due to their move and what is CEDR doing to place those ex-employees into new jobs in the community?

Obviously Commissioner Samuelson is not available to answer the question.

Anybody else have any idea?

Ann Samuelson said...

Mr. McGee,
I don't spend alot of time on the internet, so my responses are not as quick as you'd like them, but on this issue you seemed to sincerely want information so I looked back on my notes, and found the following re: Carruthers and CEDR's involvement with that company and job retention. CEDR saved 8 jobs as I understand it and assisted the company in obtaining a 30,000.00 loan for relocation costs to Astoria. The jobs saved were engineering, customer support, and sales. Approximately 20 manufacturing jobs were lost at least when this company left this community. It is my understanding that the 30,000.00 loan will be forgiven if those jobs are still here in four years. CEDR became involved with this company toward the end of their exit from here, but I think Rick Gardner did an outstanding job of retaining some living wage jobs for these families in Clatsop County.

Patrick McGee said...

Thank you for your response Commissioner Samuelson and again I will ask what CEDR may be doing in assisting those 20 ex-employees in future employment placement?

Ann Samuelson said...

Mr. McGee, as I stated earlier, CEDR became involved late in the process, I am not aware of any job placement for those who lost their manufacturing jobs, or where those folks have gone, my guess is that a number of them have left the area, as have so many others. This is a challenging job/economic climate as we all know on a national level, and locally it is very challenging as well, given our location, and limited financial resources to create jobs and industry. Job placement/replacement questions could also be directed to MTC, or the Oregon Employment Division.

Patrick McGee said...

Thank you again Commissioner.

So, CEDR, as part of their mandate or charter does not account for any effort to aid displaced employee's with re-employment or employment counseling in the community in a situation like this Carruthers move?

Marc said...

20 trained fish processing equipment production employees booted out of the workforce.

20 Clatsop County Economic Development assets floundering around out there and the best CEDR can come up with is a I don't know what to tell them or even who or where they are.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there $15,000 on the table that c.e.d.r. backed away from because they said they did not have the resources to deal with it?

Peter Huhtala said...

CEDR provides consulting services for existing and start-up businesses. They are working on tools to help make it easier for businesses thinking of locating here. They have also been a part of Columbia Pacific Preservation. It seems to me that they're doing a good job with a small budget.

Patrick McGee said...

"They are working on tools to help make it easier for businesses thinking of locating here."

How so?

Peter Huhtala said...

One example is getting up and running here. They've also been working confidentially with new small businesses that could employ a few people.

I'm not saying that I wasn't extremely disappointed about the NOAA business. But at least there is some action. I'm pleased to work with CEDR on economic development, as long as it's compatible with the area.

Patrick McGee said... Peter?

And what's that's going to do for us and exactly who is "Us"?



Clatsop County?

The Lower Columbia?

We going to throw a bunch of names into that, from what I see, little Cyber Kiddie Pond for small businesses to hook up with a bunch of non-specific, generalized brokers?

You ain't stupid my man and I ain't that naive to take your asnwer as serious.