Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oregon DSL: Revision To Rules Authorizing Structures On And Uses Of State-Owned Submerged/Submersible Lands

GRP Note:The public comment period for these draft rules has been extended. The new deadline is 5 PM, Thursday, December 24, 2009. We hope to take these rules to the Land Board for its consideration at the Board’s February 2010 meeting.

What is This Notice About?
The Department of State Lands (DSL) has for some time had rules governing the management of, and issuing of authorizations to place structures on, and to use state-owned submerged and submersible land. These rules (OAR 141-082-0000 through 141-082-0210) were last amended in 2002. Since then, these rules have served DSL well. However, a number of changes, most of which are relatively minor, needed to be made to them to clarify various provisions; streamline some of the processes used; and to ensure that the definitions of terms used in the rules are the same as those recently used in other rules. These rules also needed to be reorganized to reflect the format now used when creating new rules or amending previously adopted rules. Consequently, DSL has revised these rules accordingly. In amending these rules, DSL has also increased the application fee for a public facility license and the fees to register structures on state-owned submerged and submersible land in order to enable the agency to recover more of the costs it incurs to administer its registration program.

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