Saturday, March 27, 2010

Define The Term - "Port"

Port (pôrt, prt)
1. Abbr. Pt.
a. A place on a waterway with facilities for loading and unloading ships.
b. A city or town on a waterway with such facilities.
c. The waterfront district of a city.
2. A place along a coast that gives ships and boats protection from storms and rough water; a harbor.
3. A port of entry.

Maybe the terms..."Business Park" and "Marine Service Center" were overlooked in developing the definition of a "Port" but, they don't seem to be a relevant part of that definition.

So, are we "The Port of Astoria, Oregon", doing what a "Port" is supposed to do or do we just want to limit ourselves to just being another "Business Park"?

And by the way, how is it The Mayor of Astoria, Oregon can make promises to anybody regarding "Port Business" and is it prudent business practice for any wise business owner to use that kind of judgement in relocating his/her business?

And another question would be....How many new, family wage jobs did those business moves provide to our community workforce?

And now Westerlund wants to move in a long-term Log Export operation with 50 new jobs, jobs that we can damned well qualify for and I still believe these are non-longshoreman jobs and the biggest issue is Housekeeping and we cannot work out a solution to this?


James said...

Considering that the City of Astoria lost considerable revenue and had to cut services when the Port's business boondoggles in the early 1990s occurred, I would hope the Mayor would weigh in on Port plans. Certainly, the City of Astoria has control of things like building codes and property taxes on Port property in Astoria and any sensible prospective business owner should take that into consideration. Finally, there is no way the Longshoremen will allow a log rolling business not to involve them. The Longshoremen ran off AT&T causing financial crises for the entire county. They will control any log business at the port, and they have already said so.

Patrick McGee said...

The early 90's?

What was that, 20 years ago?

Good Lord! At "The Port", with its history of in-fighting and back-stabbing amongst its commissioners, that's like a millineum ago.

Today at "The Port" is where we are and can we resolve, with a good balance for all involved, this issue to make it work and put 50 or our community members to work with long-term, sustainable Family Wage Jobs and significant revenue for "the Port"?


You got a way to make a port work without that union, made up of members of our community?

Share it with us, I'll listen.

James said...

That is certainly one good point. The Port cannot operate as a place that loads and unloads cargo without the Longshoremen, particularly those Longshoremen imported from other places like was done with the baggage handling for cruise ships. Unfortunately, history (AT&T for example) also shows that the Port cannot operate as a cargo handling business with the Longshoremen. Thus, the Port cannot operate as a cargo handling operation. Don't believe that the Longshoremen want to control all cargo handling at relatively high rates? Vist the Union Hall and listen to the conversations. Don't believe that will scare off cargo businesses that did not do their homework, like the latest one? Visit the Portland Port offices and listen to the shippers. And, if you think both these are wrong, please let us know the public bodys where are the Longshoremen's official union representatives are presenting their ideas for a viable, competative cargo loading port. The only way the Port can now work to benefit the community (if that continues to be the point of its existance) is to continue on the track it has taken.

Patrick McGee said...

Then I extend an invitation to the local Longshoremen to argue their case that Westerlund's proposal will work here.

James said...

Then you probably need to make your offer on a website they read. I'm sure they would listen to you if they hear what you have to say. You actually fit their agenda.

Patrick McGee said...

You're here aren't you James and even a "Blind Chicken" gets a kernal of corn every now and then.

I'll just wait thank you unless you want to reach out and bring someone over from one of those more productive sites you frequent but make certain though, that he has a recognizable name in the community and some credibility on the subject the Longshoremens role in the Westerlund Log venture.

Awww, never mind that would be asking way too much.

Anonymous said...

I think you misunderstood me. I was not demeaning your website. I'm sure many people read and enjoy the things here. I was just saying that it does not appear to me that Longshoremen read it. So, using something they use might be good. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Patrick McGee said...

No, I didn't misunderstand you but, as usual, I posted my point for my own satisfaction and placed it a couple of other spots as well and whoever reads it they do at their leisure.

That's good enough for me and again, I do extend an invitation to our local Longshoremens union to come here, and tell us exactly where they will fit into this Log Export venture at the port.

Anonymous said...

Uhh, longshoremen will load the logs onto the ships. Dont you know what being a stevedore is about? I dont think you do