Saturday, April 24, 2010

Columbia River Dredging Ends This Year To Mixed Views On The End Result

Columbia River dredging ends this year, benefits end mixed

By The Oregonian - Business News

April 23, 2010, 6:35PM

The last phase of work is being completed on the Columbia River Channel Improvement Project, 20 years in the making, which deepened 103 miles of the channel by three feet.

Twenty years ago, a massive dredging effort to deepen 103 miles of the mighty Columbia River held the promise of securing Oregon's connection to the rest of the world. At 43 feet, the channel -- otherwise too shallow to compete with deep-water ports -- could play host to today's larger vessels and more efficiently send Northwest wheat and steel to markets around the globe.

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Peter Huhtala said...

Okay. It cost more than expected, and took longer. It provides far less benefit than the Army Corps predicted. Less than half of the "required" mitigation was completed, and we still have no idea if it was effective. Almost none of the promised restoration was completed. Hmm... sounds like what many of us along the lower Columbia predicted 10 years ago.

Patrick McGee said...

I still see the latest technology in Evergreen's Container Ships going upriver and back, Partially loaded going up and partially loaded coming back down with plenty of waterline still showing.

Now, why is that?

Is 43 feet not enough for these ships?

How long before Evergreen opts to sidestep upriver ports for a quicker, more convenient turn-around some other port?

How about topping-off right here?

Anonymous said...

You don't know a damn thing about shipping, McGee. Evergreen doesn't decide where they go, their customers do.

Patrick McGee said...

"Anonymous said...
You don't know a damn thing about shipping, McGee. Evergreen doesn't decide where they go, their customers do."

Well, "Anonym" one doesn't have to be too bright to determine that a crapload of visible waterline going upriver and then the same coming back down would tell anyone with the least common sense that that ship's use, just as in commecial trucking, is not being maximized.

When Evergreen decides it will opt for a better deal and more convenient and accessible port, they will be gone overnight you think?

To our benefit down here, "Short Sea Shipping" will be part of the answer and a boon to the Lower Columbia that will dramatically change River Commerce and our futures to the my view.

A Distant Pair Of Wings said...

Maximized?!?!? They're lucky they got cargo/business...they come here because that is where the loads they're charted to lade and transport are.

Short sea shipping will never happen in Astoria. Vancouver/Portland, maybe....but it's a long way off. Best thing for the lower river business community would be if they started building Bradwood tomorrow