Friday, April 15, 2011

Clatsop County Commissions, Boards And Committees; The Law And The Bylaws!!

These were the (12) speakers, all against the reappointing of Clatsop County Planning Commission, at last Wednesday's, April 13, 2011 Clatsop County Board of Commissioners meeting and forgive me the possible inaccuracies in the spelling of their names.... Beebee Johnson Stan Johnson Cary Johnson Kathy Sanders Jeremy Baudish Margaret Hyland Art Hyland Tim Gannaway Mr. Shipley Allen Smiles Dale Barrett Christine Bridgens In the majority, if you know the names of these people and our recent history with CCBofC, you will clearly see that this is all merely a continuation of the political polarization of this community and the continued vindictiveness between the local parties, allowing it all to spill-over into Non-Partisan Government, in my view. Listen to the "Audio" and you will clearly hear that it is still only about "Political Footholds" in our community and who has slipped over the edge after years of unquestioned dominance. Now, anybody with the least common sense and especially those that follow the local mainstream parties and pay close attention to their websites can clearly see who, over recent years has worked hardest to insert their candidates into non-partisan seats on commissions, boards and committees and we all know that is the case but, the problem is, we are in some serious trouble here and party politics is not going to get us out of it and they need to be and we must insist they be left at the front and back door of the halls of Clatsop County Government. Read Them Both To Make-Up Your Own Mind


Anonymous said...

You're either lying or, more likely,you dont know what the hell you're talking about

Anonymous said...

So, what you're trying to say is the planning commission was fired because the commissioners who want them gone are doing it because they belong to a different party than the planning commissioners?

Anonymous said...

what do you mean "we are in some serious trouble here"? Who is in trouble, McGee? Who are you trying to speak for?

Ornery Oley said...

You didn't listen to the the audio and those speakers either anon?

Crazed sounding clatsop county tea party organizer and his cohort/wife who both live in washington?

Ex-commissioner Tim Gannaway who is responsible for creating the law he is pissing and moaning about and then inferring political party vendictiveness against him?

Port commission quitter Kathy Sanders giving advice on due diligence, reconsideration?

Richard Lee cronie, Christine Bridgens calling for reversal? Isn't she another ex-republican gone tea party?

Stan and Cary Johnson(Devastatingly defeated by Dirk Rohne) fighting to save their little power base?

All the same opposition, now on the other side of the table?

Real trouble here.

Marc said...

What is it you call'em mcgee?
The Billie-Bob star chamber?
Lost their kingdom to the peons is it?

Marc said...

Hey! Cary Johnson raising all this hell in leading this politically motivated attempted revolt about losing his PC seat and he still holds a key seat on Clatsop County Budget Committee?
With that kind of hostility how can he and his puppet master effectively and fairly do his job on Budget Committee?
Don't you think he oughta step down off that committee as well.
He sure can't be trusted to serve honestly in that position can he?

Anonymous said...

5 Republicans, 1 Democrat, 1 Libertarian