Monday, May 02, 2011

U.S. LNG Exports Will Face Stiff Competition

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Updated from a Barclays Capital commodities research publication Mar. 22, 2011.

James Crandell
Biliana Pehlivanova

Barclays Capital

New York

Michael Zenker

Barclays Capital

San Francisco

Oversupplied North American natural gas markets might see construction of liquefaction that would allow LNG export potentially in 2015. There is a question, however, of whether the world needs another source of LNG supplies.

Global regasification additions will far outpace liquefaction capacity growth 2012-13, suggesting that global LNG markets could tighten if demand materializes behind those terminals.

The picture changes 2014-15, however, when liquefaction and regasification growth balance.

This suggests that proposals for North American liquefaction would likely face strong competition, particularly from Australia, and highlights the importance of relative costs of supply.....Read Full Article

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