Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Clatsop County Planning Commission

Clatsop County Planning Commission Dismantle Controversy

So, what's this all about then?


The last vestige of the "County G.O.B.'s" in this remnant of the Lee Era(The Johnson led CCPC)at risk of being erased completely and not about to buckle to a law created by its own leadership?

A true sense, collectively, that tenure makes for common sense and wisdom when, in truth, County Planning staff vets and researches the Land Planning issues coming before "The County" and develops Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations on the issue and provides CCPC and CCBofC with clear data for them to make rational decisions on issues in the "Public Trust", "Interests" and "Input" of the Citizens of Clatsop County?

Politics being played-out in a non-partisan government committee within a non-partisan County Government?

Well, "The Law" is clearly behind the current sitting County Board of Commissioners and in truth thanks to Richard Lee, Sam Patrick, Tim Gannaway, Russ Earl and Bob Green for creating it to their own agenda and benefit and of course, we see where that has gotten us to this point.....right?

My guess would be "Politics" and it's always been "Politics" driving it all. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your own persuasion, we have a local Republican Party asleep at the wheel and distracted by the influence of a fringe political movement versus an active Democratic Party very active in and focussed on putting their candidates in local elected offices.

My comment to a couple of those new Commissioners was...."I know what got you there but you need to leave "Party Politcs" at the door of "The Boyington Building" and serve all of us as the problems we have here transcend any kind of politics."

Are they listening?

I think they are so far.


Tom T. said...

And that old leftover dowager g.o.b. princess still tries to play the politics card herself with her inane question about how the voting precincts played into the redistricting process didn't she?
Wonder if she made a quick trip to her car between meetings for a little happy snack?

Marc said...

Funny, all the sudden, KLNG's Freel is going after Birkby because she sits on or sat on some kind of advisory committee down in Arch Cape for many years.
What happened McGee, did the little fella cut you off on the Tongue Point Topic?

Patrick McGee said...

Just trying to clarify that West-East Demolition's(The Ship Breaking Operation) lease at Tongue Point, to my knowledge, has been terminated by "The Port" with a deadline for them to be gone completely.

Certainly hate to see Mr. Freel accused of misreporting the facts.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, we want our elected County Commissioners to transend politics and serve the people? In addition, we want the Republican Party to awake and lead us down the true path? And, according to the local media reporter they are doing these things. Perhaps, then, the County Commission can be the example to Congress.

Patrick McGee said...

Perhaps but, our U.S. Congress is not a non-partisan, Quasi Judicial panel is it?

Anonymous said...

If you expect to be taken with even the least amount of seriousness, McGee, you must learn the proper use of commas when formulating your ridiculous rhetorical questions.

Patrick McGee said...

Anonymous said...
If you expect to be taken with even the least amount of seriousness, McGee, you must learn the proper use of commas when formulating your ridiculous rhetorical questions.
10:55 AM

Then how would you keep your inanity and pettiness honed to the exquisite edge that you keep it "anonym"?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Patrick, but I did not understand your comment about politics and the County Commission. Could you please elaborate on what you expect from them?
By the way, Congress is a quali judicial panel.

Patrick McGee said...

I expect leadership without political or special interest bias, serving in the public trust in the doing of our public business.

Web definitions
A quasi-judicial body is an individual or organization which has powers resembling those of a court of law or judge and is able to remedy a situation or impose legal penalties on a person or organization.

As if done by a court of law, person exercising judge-like powers, including examining evidence on oath before making a decision affecting rights, powers or interests.

a decision made by a government official or tribunal which involves the application of policy to a particular set of facts requiring the exercise of discretion and the application of the principles of natural justice.

Executive agencies that rule on infractions of the law they administer are said to be quasi-judicial agencies. ...

Of a judicial nature; used to describe the actions of public administrative officers who are required to investigate facts and draw conclusions from them as a basis for their official actions.

You, "anonym", may have a clearer explanation as to how Congress, a legislative body, is Quasi-Judicial and I am open to hearing it.

Anonymous said...

You are correct, sorry. Congress has the power to require people to appear before it and tell the truth. They have the power to charge people who fail to do so with such crimes as purjury. I thought Congress could imprison people like a court, however, while they can cause people to be imprisoned I cannot find that they have the power to do it directly.