Monday, July 25, 2011

Oregon Governor Tom McCall - 1967- 1975

Thomas Lawson McCall, Governor of Oregon from 1967-1975, was Oregon's thirtieth governor. McCall was born in Egypt, Massachusetts on March 22, 1913. He was the son of Henry McCall and Dorothy Lawson McCall.
Noteworthy accomplishments of his administration included cleaning up the Willamette River; tougher land-use laws; a bill which ended the threat of private development on Oregon's beaches; the nation's first mandatory bottle-deposit law; and creative energy conservation measures, such as a ban on outdoor business lighting during the energy crisis of the 1970's.


Anonymous said...

Did not Tom say something like "the Republican party changed not me "

Patrick McGee said...

Tom McCall is attributed to saying, as well as Ronald Reagan I might add, "I never left the party, the party left me". Regardless, look at the legacy he left us that is still in-place to this day.

Libertarian/Tea Partyer, Michelle Bachmann is one who has used your quote, for sure.