Thursday, August 04, 2011

UPDATE!!! It's Official, Wu Resigns!

Update: The Text of Wu's Resignation Speech
"Serving as a U.S. Congressman has been the greatest honor of my life. There is no other job where you get up each day and ask, ‘How can I try to make the world a better place today?’

Particularly meaningful to me has been working for more and better investments in science and education.

Also, I believe that my support for people who struggle for human rights and civil liberties will ultimately bear fruit in a world that is more just and peaceful.

However great the honor and engaging the work, there comes a time to hand on the privilege of elected office—and that time has come."

Now it is up to Oregon Governor Kitzhaber to set an election date for Wu's replacement.

Pelosi calls for ethics investigation into sexual allegation
By Jim Redden - The Portland Tribune

Jul 24, 2011, Updated Jul 25, 2011
Embattled Oregon Congressman David Wu will not run for re-election in 2012 and will retire at the end of his current term, according to a late Sunday report on the Politico website.
Politico cited an unnamed Wu adviser as its source.
The Portland Tribune has not been able to reach Wu for comment.


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a tribute to the national media!! Way to go CNN. Wu is just lucky he did not win the lottery to be a Nancy Grace target. Or, maybe, he is unlucky since the last CNN Nancy Gracy target is going to make billions.

Marc said...

Two Tea Partyers, Cornilles and Miller, obviously backed by Oregon GOP, a guy in the unions pocket, Brad Witt and Democrat Legislator Avakian?

You wonder who is going to get the votes on this one?

Patrick McGee said...

Avakian is Oregon Labor Commissioner at the moment.

Marc said...

"Oregon Democratic State Senator Suzanne Bonamici announced Thursday that she will run for former Rep. David Wu's, D-Ore., seat in the January special election and said campaign has raised over a quarter of a million dollars during the last five days."

Unless this politician has some real dirt on her, why waste the time with Cornilles, Miller and Witt?

And my God what an opprtunity for "The Betsy". Where the heck is she on this chance at greatness? Governor?

Sorry for the goof on Avakian.