Sunday, September 25, 2011

Liquefied Natural Gas Export Attempt Re-Ignites Fossil Fuel Battle

From: Read The Dirt
By: Columbia Riverkeeper: Dan Serres
Posted on: September 9, 2011

By Dan Serres, a born-and-raised Oregonian. As the Conservation Director for Columbia Riverkeeper, Dan has worked to protect Oregon and Washington farms, forests, and rivers from LNG pipelines, coal terminals, and toxic pollution. He holds a B.S. and Master’s degree from Stanford University in Earth Systems science.

Editor’s Note: This Piece by Dan Serres, Conservation Director for Columbia Riverkeeper, addresses a growing threat to the Pacific Northwest: being used to export fossil fuels. With high-bidding Asian markets willing to pay top dollar for U.S.A. fuels we run the risk of destroying our lands in the process of mining/hydrofracking and exporting fuels to be burnt is Asia. If the Pacific Northwest refuses to export we will discourage mining/hydrofracking on our neighbors’ lands, protect our land from pipelines, and help keep our fuel in the ground and out of our air. This piece concerns all 6 Essentials and is placed in our air section for this reason.

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