Friday, October 28, 2011

"Occupy Astoria" Plans Event Beginning Friday, The 28th At 12:00PM

Friday 11-28-2011, 2:45 PM And Raining
Friday 11-28-2011, 10:20 AM - And..It Begins

Who are we?
- We are individuals from all walks of life and
situations that see the upcoming disasters in our economic systems, legal
systems, and political systems and demand immediate
Why are we doing this?
– The public has fallen
asleep. We are here to wake them up and make them aware of what is really going
on with our money, security, government, and future. We are heading for a
disaster; we have to CHANGE direction NOW!


Marc said...

Occupy the Port of Astoria if you want to focus your energy on something around here of significance to send your message for a reason and address a gang of fat cat capitalists who seem to think they are untouchable by those who elect them.

Patrick McGee said...

Does anybody have an inkling as to what this is all about.....Really?
Want to share that with us?

Bob said...

This is unfortunate, but more unfortunate is that change no longer occurs at the ballot box. For example, a majority of Americans (according the the Oregonian) believe Congress is on the wrong track. Moreover, a large majority of us do not thing wealth is properly distributed. Yes, our elected Republican congress people continue to stick with the same programs a majority of citizens don't want.
How do we communicate with our elected federal representatives if they do not listen, when elections are every 2 or 4 years? Do we just wait while things fall apart?
Go figure.

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