Tuesday, November 01, 2011

"Drug Facts Week' Seeks To Seperate The Myths From The Facts

Monday, Oct. 31,


Test your knowledge
and win fun prizes while shattering myths about drug use at National Drug Facts
Week Trivia Night, 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 5 at Street 14 Coffee, 1410 Commercial
St., Astoria.
This is a
family-friendly event and offers a great opportunity to promote dialogue between
youth and parents about drug use.
The event is
sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and North Coast Prevention
, with prizes provided by Astoria Cooperative, Amazing Stories comics store
and Street 14 Coffee.

Released by:Tom Bennett
Community Relations
(503) 338-3622


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, our Sheriff will attend to discuss the evils of marijuana and illegal drug. But, maybe, since he cries out against the evils of marijuana dispensaries but does nothing about the two of them in his county, he will just stay at home and ... what?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I had to miss this. But, was the Sheriff there?

Anonymous said...

Good question. I had to miss it too and wondered the status of marijuana dispensaries in Clatsop County. I think there are five now and I am wondering when they will be shut down.

Anonymous said...

All hat and no cows.

Anonymous said...

Bergin will never take action until someone forces his hand. He lacks the political courage. If we want to deal with the drug problem we will have to rely on the city cops. The sheriffs office has become a waste of time and money.