Saturday, December 03, 2011

Occupy Astoria? Occupy What?

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The Daily Astorian tells us…..“The next Occupy Astoria action will take place noon Saturday. Protesters will walk through downtown Astoria, starting at the Astoria Post Office, to support small, local businesses.
For more information, call (503) 440-0978 or visit

There was a time when the "Hippie Movement" in America was just getting under way, there were actually people that worked all week in their coats and ties in their conservative, hum-drum everyday jobs until Friday and Saturday nights when they would actually dress-up in fresh "Hippie" attire and trendy new long-haired wigs and go out for a weekend of experiencing what that movement brought and then on Monday morning get back to the "Rat Race".

Sometimes lately, in trying to figure out just exactly what this "Occupy Movement" is all about, that image of those part-time "Hippies" passes across my mind's eye as it seems the players in this effort appear to take it no more seriously than that...."Activism For The Hoot"?

Chazz Lake,on "Occupy Astoria's" Facebook page, has it right....You want to occupy Astoria and demonstrate for effective change in a public agency that seems to have become an island unto itself with no sense of accountability to whom it serves, then you are looking at a prime candidate in The Port of Astoria, in my view and its recent history over the last 5 or 6 years proves it out but, our “Astoria Occupiers” want to go frolicking up and down Commercial street on a Saturday pimping the patronization of our local businesses which most of us do anyway and besides, shouldn't that be the duty of "The Astoria Downtown Historic Development Association"?

Come On!

If this group wants to really effect change and in addition to “The Port”, let them go down and stand vigil at the "Other Flavel House" and demand somebody save that place before it rots to the ground as we have no historic preservation group willing to stand-up and be heard on the subject.

This group wants to effect change, let them go down to City Hall and demand that we send a "Task Force" out into this world and sell what we have to offer to clean, compatible and cohesive industry that fits within the fabric of and will support the workforce of this community to put thousands of us to work instead of sitting around waiting for schemes such as Liquefied Natural Gas and Ship Breaking to wedge their foots in our door and force themselves on us while our leadership conveniently turns their heads to, in essence, just let it happen to put just a few people to work and in the public perception, prosper their own agendas.

I guess my point is and I truly support the general concept as a counter to the attempted insurgency and usurpation of other fringe movements on our political political system,...If the "Occupy Movement" is going to clog-up our streets, do it for actual purpose and change that will truly, positively impact the life quality of all of us in our community or knock it off.
It may help also if the local leaders of this movement would lay off the speeches on the dreaded "Military/Indutrial Complex" and find a true explanation of exactly what "The Occupy Movement" is truly about for us lesser intellectuals that still don't really get it.


Anonymous said...

Why dont you go stand around in front of the Flavel home,McGee? You're the only one who keeps harping about it. And lay off the Port-they've accomplished somethings that bring in revenue-What have you done for the county lately except be a whiner?

g said...

Looks like the same crew that protest LNG and everything else that is capitalist, corporation, or promotes jobs and energy. They don't want us to use our local resources and want to redistribute wealth support the govt. to take care of us.

Ask Europe how that's going.
We're not far behind them as long as these goofy policies get traction.

Patrick McGee said...

My position on the Flavel properties and "The Port" has always been very public and has not changed one iota "Anonym" and as far as my contribution to the county and this region and its citizens in general, you included?.....You just read it and responded to it with your own opinion, though unaccounted.

By the way, you do know that, that particular Flavel property is on City of Astoria's Dilapidated Properties Ordinace don't you?

Ornery Oley said...

All those Flavel Properties including the ones downtown at 9th and Commercial are on the city of Astoria radar as dilapidated properties and Mary Louise is not responding to any contact from the city so, one can only guess what's next.....Eminent Domain!!!!

Then it will sit there another 20 years before the city council will ponder what to do with it while piddling away a bunch of money in another gang of Portland experts to come down here and impress s with a bunch of sketches presented to another toothless citizen committee that ain't allowed to decide anything over our little autonomous prince.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody actually see any marchers in downtown Astoria on Saturday?
Was it a bust?
What happened?

Anonymous said...

As usual g you dont know what your talking about .You just troll around spouting some kind of Ann Raynd drivel.The scandinavian and german states are doing just fine . Its neo-liberal policies like yours that has screwed up southern Europe , go hang out with freel and all 10 of his followers ,geez

g said...

Anon, thanks for responding so soon. It's not often someone posts here with so much unfounded intellect.
I'm not sure who Ann Raynd is but can only assume she represents the cool factor that Snake Pliskin was able to achieve when he attempted to rescue the President from a bad ass future New York which entry to and exit from proved very difficult. I can only assume since you are against the cool factor and subscribe to Gorespeak, you most likely like to live in tents and occupy cities and destroy their parks while claiming your opposition to "the man".

It is good to know that a few Scandinavian countries and Germany are doing well. I guess I was being a little more general in nature when I mentioned Europe being in trouble. I guess I meant to say Southern Europe that does not include the Scandinavian countries and Germany.

It is also important to note that the little tiny country of Luxembourg is doing quite well also.

As for Tom Freel and his followers, I can only assume you listen to his radio show regularly and don't agree with your perceived conservative spin. This is understandable since you don't like Kurt Russell and the characters he plays. I would suggest you continue to watch the lost episodes of PeeWee Herman since he seems fairly harmless and is not likely to cause you too much internal turmoil.

g said...

Even Luxembourg isn't resiliant.

Germany - Not so much either.

Eurozone downgrade coming soon to a European nation near you.

Darn those neo-liberals.
Like I said, a crash of epic proportion is going to happen soon in Europe. America is on a spending spree with a failed renewable energy policy.

I think silver and gold are starting to look very attractive right now. Especially silver. I'll call it now. Silver triples in the next 18 months.

Ornery Oley said...

So, really, if you read The Daily Astorian report on the Astoria Occupy crowd, it is nothing more than the little gang that hangs out at the Post Office corner every Friday.

And now they want to go around doing old GOB Skip Hauke's paid job for him promoting local shopping?

That is kind of a oxymoron ain't it?

Patrick McGee said...