Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Man Lodged In Clatsop County Jail For Attempted Murder and Other Charges In Hamlet Area Assault!

On 01/04/11 at around 12:29am Clatsop County Deputies responded to 81575 Layton Road 15 miles East of Seaside in the Hamlet area for a report of a disturbance. The party reported via 911 Kenneth Moore had allegedly stabbed a victim in the face and arms. Mr. Moore then allegedly held several victims at knife and gunpoint and had also tried to shoot his girlfriend however the gun reportedly jammed. Mr. Moore also menaced several other individuals in the household with his knife and had fired the gun at least twice without injury.

Moore then allegedly took a victim by gunpoint and ordered him to drive towards the city of Portland. Clatsop County Deputies were able to locate the vehicle while still in Clatsop County whereupon Moore was taken into custody.

After deputies intercepted the vehicle, Moore ran from the vehicle into the woods but was subsequently taken into custody. The pistol was later located alongside the road where an attempt was made to hide the gun. Following the Deputies investigations, Mr. Moore was subsequently arrested for Attempted Murder, Assault II, Kidnaping II, Theft I of a Firearm, Robbery I, Menacing, Harassment and Pointing a Firearm at Another.

Two victims were taken to Providence Seaside Hospital. One for stab wounds to the face and hands. The other a 95 year old female was admitted for chest pains due to the stress of the situation within the household.

The Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office had assistance from the Seaside Police department and an Oregon State Trooper.

Moore is being held at the Clatsop County Jail pending arraignment.

For any additional details contact Sheriff Tom Bergin
Cell 503 791-0072
Desk 503 338-3651

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