Saturday, February 04, 2012

An All Too Familiar Story: The LNG Battle Begins In British Columbia

The Proposed Kitimat B.C. LNG Terminal
(Phot0:Apache Canada Ltd. - Calgary Herald)
February 3, 2012
Larry Pynn - Vancouver Sun
Liquefied natural gas may not pose the same risk as an oil spill, but it does threaten human safety and the environment — to the point the Canadian government has opposed a U.S. proposal to ship LNG on the East Coast.
And while natural gas is seen as a cleaner fossil fuel than coal or oil, the process of extracting that gas is raising concerns related to water supplies and greenhouse-gas emissions.


g said...

I hope they are successful and the project goes forward.

Tom T. said...

Of course you do Taggart but, if memory serves me corretly, you are not known for making wise business decisions yourself are you?

g said...

Tom, we can talk after you make your first business decision. Right now, you are irrelevant.

Tom T. said...

And unfortunately for you Taggart your bumbling as a businessman was very public and as for me, to counter your new-found wisdom, one of my wisest decisions was that I didn't vote for you for Port Commission and still wouldn't.

We're still stuck with one of your commission's bogus business deals and an already deteriorating commercial building.

g said...

Thanks for getting back to me so fast.

It's good to know the Port has a true watchdog and building expert. Given a few years, I'm sure the community will grow to appreciate your vast knowledge on who to vote for and who not to.

Who knows, a person of your obvious intellect could (and should) run for political office. A person that can spot a "bumbler" from a mile away, possibly further, should give you the edge on anyone who attempts to run against you.

I suggest your campaign slogan should read: Vote for TOM T. I will stop all bumblers and will prevent all building deterioration.

Your Friend,

Patrick McGee said...

This really was not meant to be a "Let's beat up on Glenn Taggart session" and I don't think any of us would have a perfect record of "Right Decisions" business or otherwise would we?

I would like for Glenn to expand on his comment a bit more, though
to justify exactly why it is he hopes this project is successful.

Anonymous said...

THe only thing i noticed in twenty years about g is that like most GOBs it is all about me ,me ,me and he would throw anyone under the bus to get aliitle green , am i glad these types are finally politically powerless here , he should just go back to the bottle

g said...

20 years!? GULP!! I'm not *that* old.

Patrick, I like the energy sector. That's why I hope the project is successful. It means more jobs and more opportunities for the American public.

I am against everything the liberal left is for. Our nation's energy policy is so restricted that we can't use it. From spotted owls to global warming. One excuse after another to hold us back from exploring and using our native energy and natural resources.

For the record, I also support the keystone pipeline.