Thursday, March 29, 2012

FERC Withdraws Consultation Request For Oregon LNG Terminal/Pipeline Proposal

Sutherlan LNG Law
March 29, 2012

Noting that the developers of the Oregon LNG terminal and pipeline project expect to change their plans for the project, FERC informed the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that it is withdrawing its Endangered Species Act section 7 consultation request regarding the proposed project. In its letters to each agency, available under Docket No. CP09-6 in eLibrary, FERC said it would "re-initiate consultation" on the revised version of the project "at the appropriate time."


g said...

Hope you like high electricity costs.
Obummer says coal is out too.

That's ok. We still have pixie dust and unicorns that will surely help us get by. Who needs an affordable energy policy eh?

Patrick McGee said...

I'm thinking Vertical Axis Wind Generator myself and to make every attempt to make that PP&L meter run backwards whenever possible.

I don't pixie dust and Unicorn poop's going to cut-it for mr here in town.

g said...

The liberal assault on energy as we know it is insane.

We are in a recession for chrisake.

On the bright side of things, Obummer delivered his 3.6 trillion budget.

I think he has finally figured out how to unify the republicrats and demicuns. True unification occurred as both parties resoundingly rejected the budget. Even Pelosi voted against it!

Keep in mind, this guy is our president.

With a little luck, he won't be in November. Then maybe we can roll back this anti energy policy this goof has stuck us with.

Patrick McGee said...

Budget is it?

A presumably it's supposed to be balanced?

And with a $14....$16 Trillion national debt, we can even phathom any concept of a thing called a balanced budget?

And all these "Poseurs" parading around as Republcans with catch phrases such as "Business Men", "Job Creators" and we are going to save America's ass.....can't seem to add a damned thing to a solution either but, want us to elect them to four years of leadership as if it will make one iota of difference?

g said...

Republicrats and demacuns.

Time for a 3rd party.
Vote for Ron Paul.

Govt is NOT the answer to our problems.

Patrick McGee said...

Vote for Ron Paul's what?

His best impression of Ross Perot?

Tom T. said...

Ahhh! Yes! Another business man/libertarian/tea party type with all the predictable answers to America's woes.

I betcha he actually thinks we are heeding his wisdom.

Best of luck to you Glenn on that third party thing and we all still remember your port commission's legacy/curse you left us and thanks but not so grateful.

g said...

Tom, the grown ups are talking now.

g said...

Patrick, I actually like the fact he's not tied at the hip to special interest. His libertarian views on ending the fed and many other govt agencies and programs are also very enticing. And number one reason is he recognizes the amount of damage the deficit and debt are inflicting on our way of life and our future way of life.

Obama wants the govt to be the answer. I can't understand why people don't look at history and realize socialism and communism don't work.

Patrick McGee said...

"Cradle to Grave" socialism and its variants mixed with Capitalism seems to work very well in Scandinavia and has so for how may years now?

Theodore Roosevelt showed us that Trusts/Monopolies don't work for this nation and squashed them pretty handily his first 100 days of his first term and believed imphatically that govermnent was indeed essential in a strong America.

Not being able to realize in America that it is no longer a nation of only "White, Western European Christians" will not work either and I think trying to take this nation back to a newly ratified 1788 Constitution, that started being ammended immediately will not work either.

A Two Party, or more, system of government doesn't work either when all parties seem to collectively have the same mindset...."America First After Us" and neither party can recognize that sometimes in "National Crisis", party greed and agendas have to be set aside to address and resolve problems that impact this nation and all its citizens on the whole.

g said...

Teddy Roosevelts idea of govt involvement and what it is today are vastly different.

I won't argue and in fact I agree about govt's roll of regulating monopolies. No brainer.

Where I draw the line is the involvement at the federal level that is absolutely NOT necessary. Get rid of the EPA, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Labor, Dept. of Housing, and especially get rid of the Federal Reserve Board, go back to previous monetary policy that used the Gold standard to back currency.

Of all the agencies I listed above, States already have the same thing in place. More power to the states equals more power to the people. Many of these federal agencies don't answer to the people and have become so powerful, they are running over the top of us. Look at the horror stories as of late with the EPA. They've gotten their asses handed to them twice in the past month.

THEN, when that is done, throw the unions out of state and federal govt.

After that, we can then have a hope in hell to balance our deficits.

Marc said...

“The great corporations which we have grown to speak of rather loosely as trusts are the creatures of the State, and the State not only has the right to control them, but it is duty bound to control them wherever the need of such control is shown.”
― Theodore Roosevelt

g said...

Trust of the week - Solar Trust files for ch 11.

After burning through 2 billion in taxpayer money of course.

That makes a cool 2.6 billion in a year of failed Obama handouts that the taxpayer is on the hook for.

Anonymous said...

I think these Pixie Dust junkies are about as detached from reality as it gets if they think windpower or solar is enough to power a 21st Century industrialized nation.