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Highlights Of April 25, 2012 Clatsop County Board Of Commissioners Meeting

Clatsop County Board of Commissioners
Wednesday, April 25, 2012 regular meeting
Official minutes available once approved by board

Service contract transferred

The board voted to approve the transfer of county services for the developmentally disabled from Columbia Community Mental Health to Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare. Columbia Community Mental Health, which has provided residential and vocational services to about 180 clients since 2006, informed the county in March that it would end its contract effective July 1.

Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare is the county’s contract provider of mental health and alcohol and drug prevention and treatment services. A one-year contract assigning the agency the developmentally disabled services will be brought to the board in May or June.

Ordinance amended, event permit approved

The board amended the county’s Social Gathering Ordinance to eliminate ambiguities in the original wording. The ordinance, adopted in December 2011, requires the organizers of large events held in the unincorporated county to obtain permits that regulate numbers of attendees, hours of operation, sanitation, fire protection and other issues. The new language of the amendment prohibits events from occurring between 12 a.m. midnight and 9 a.m. without the specific approval of the board of commissioners.

Following approval of the amendment, the board unanimously approved a permit under the Social Gathering Ordinance for organizers of the Run 21 event, an annual fundraising gathering of motorcycle riders in the Birkenfeld area July 27-29 organized by the SE Portland Chapter of ABATE of Oregon.

Ocean planning reviewed

The board opened a public hearing on the proposed Goal 19-Ocean Resources amendment to the county comprehensive land-use plan. No testimony was offered – the hearing will be continued at the board’s May 23 meeting.

The amendment would provide the county an avenue to review applications for developments within the territorial sea, the three-mile section of ocean off the county coastline. While the State of Oregon reserves final jurisdiction on the approval of developments, the Goal 19 element is designed to give the county the opportunity to comment on applications’ potential effects on fisheries, scenic values and other resources.

Fair Board expansion eyed

The board directed staff to begin the process of expanding the membership of the Clatsop County Fair Board from five to seven, following testimony from former Fair Board member Jack Edwards, who the board of commissioners on March 28 voted to replace on the Fair Board with Mike Nelson. Edwards questioned why he was not re-appointed, pointing to his six years of service on the Fair Board.

Planner position expanded

The board unanimously approved a staffing addition in the Community Development Department. A planner/code enforcement position will be expanded to create one fulltime planner position and one fulltime code enforcement position.

Community Development Director Hiller West explained that, despite the recession, demand for building code enforcement has increased, while the department is experiencing the need for additional planner services with the additional of a planning overlay in the Arch Cape community and the new Social Gathering ordinance. Since 2008 the Planning and Building divisions have together seen the elimination of four positions.

Total cost of the staff increase is approximately $72,000. Half of the cost would be paid out of the county General Fund and half out of the fee-supported Building Codes budget.

County code reviewed

The board held a discussion on proposed updates to the county code of regulations. County Manager Duane Cole explained that the code – which codifies all county ordinances except for land-use ordinances – was subjected to review to find ordinances that need revision or removal, including ordinances based on state statutes that have been declared unconstitutional or dealing with property no longer owned by the county.

The completed code will be presented to the board for final approval in late May or June.

Other Business

In other business the board:

- Approved a contract for $125,000 with Helligso Construction for the construction of a new Sheriff’s Office Work Crew building. The 36-by-48-foot facility, to be built at the Clatsop County Fairgrounds, will be funded out of the $135,000 proceeds from the sale of property on Highway 202 that formerly housed the Work Crew facilities. Work Crew personnel will perform part of the work. Chairman Peter Huhtala and Commissioner Debra Birkby voted no. Birkby said the scope of the project was excessive.

- Approved revisions to the county’s property management policies. The changes include: increasing the minimum required offer for county-owned property that has failed to draw bids at auction; requiring cash payment for sales of less than $20,000; and revising rules for sales or transfers to non-profit entities.

- Approved a letter to Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. (GOBHI) offering recommendations regarding its proposal to become the designated Coordinated Care Organization for Clatsop County under new state legislation establishing the CCO program.

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Community Relations Coordinator
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So, sheriff Bergin is spending
$125,000 on a new building while he has a multi million dollar construction measure on the ballot that may expand his facilities so he does not need the new building. Is this guy for real? Can we get someone involved in this who has good sense?