Sunday, June 10, 2012

Action Call From Columbia RiverVision At Oregon LNG Open House, June 12th

Proposed Oregon LNG/Calpine Terminal on Skipanon Peninsula
Oregon LNG (formerly known as Calpine) first reared its ugly head before the Warrenton City Commission in November of 2005. And now they are back in Warrenton with a new plan that is outrageously worse than the original. Just like a used car salesmen, this is the old bait-and-switch.

Calpine entered our communities to convince us of the NEED to import LNG to "diversify the energy supplies" and "keep the prices low for the consumers." And now OR LNG sees the need to EXPORT LNG - for ????? Oh right, the profit of a private company - and the opportunity to dredge our river, endanger our safety, raise domestic natural gas prices and take our land through eminent domain.

Wear your red shirts, your NO LNG pins. Bring your neighbors and friends:

Oregon LNG Open House
Tuesday, June 12th - 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Gateway Masonic Lodge #175
66 SW 4th Avenue
Warrenton, Oregon

If this is your first NO LNG event, we will have shirts, buttons, car decals and yard signs for sale, OR if you are an old hand and you are dusting off your NO LNG button and finding your red shirt
We hope to see you all at the OR LNG open house!


g said...

Yeah, that old bait and switch is used way too much.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Are you going to wear your red shirt and your button McGee?

Patrick McGee said...

Just sharing information with the community.

Do you wish to share a counter viewpoint?

Marc said...

Taggart's legacy to our community still haunts us and he wants to get all huffy because a group wants to express their continued oppositiion to this potential tragedy of misguided and incompetent leadership called The Port of Astoria.

Thank you for keeping us informed Mcgee!!!!!

Buck Pile said...

Hope they build it and build it soon! It will turn Warrenton/Astoria into a boom town and it's about time!!!

g said...

Marc, I usually go out of my way to haunt Kalifornia liberals.

Vern Johnson said...

Well played, Young Geezy, well played!

Pete Cosovich said...

I dont like Califorinans, New Yorkers and all the other dumb tree huggers, seal lion lovers and homos moving here. This place is really getting screwed up here and the locals have had about enough.