Friday, June 01, 2012

Administration Says Japan Will Have to Wait for U.S. LNG Supplies

Artwork by: Jack Guyot

Sutherland - LNG Law Blog
June 1, 2012

The Wall Street Journal [subscription required] reports that
the Obama Administration has told Japan and other countries that they face a
waiting period while the United States decides whether to move forward with LNG
exports, mostly due to the political sensitivity of the issue. A Japanese
official familiar with recent talks between Japan and the United States on energy
issues stated that no decisions on U.S. LNG exports would be made before the
November presidential election.


g said...

In 5 months, he'll be a lame duck.


Patrick McGee said...

That could very well be true but "He" has got a helluva mountain to climb just in unifying the party before he goes head to head with Obama, it would appear.

Steve Berg said...

Obama is a fool!! Get the export contracts w/Japan going ASAP!!