Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Ocean Wave Energy Workshop Set For Wednesday, November 7th

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 (5:00 to 8:00 p.m.)

Holiday Inn Express, Astoria, Oregon

204 West Marine Drive, Astoria, Oregon

This is an opportunity to learn about Oregon’s work to identify appropriate sites for wave energy development in the territorial sea (within three miles of the shore). Although the federal government will issue licenses to operate wave energy installations, the state has the chance to create standards for development and propose locations that have the least conflicts.

The State’s intention is to protect the ocean environment and sea life – including fish, sea birds and marine mammals. Existing uses such as commercial and recreational fishing have been mapped to help determine where wave energy might fit. Over 150 data layers with information about the territorial sea can be explored on Marine Map: http://oregon.marinemap.org/

There are numerous designs and technologies for converting the energy of ocean waves into electricity. You can learn more about the possibilities and what is happening in the industry around the world by visiting the Oregon Wave Energy Trust: http://www.oregonwave.org/

Some wave energy devises can be seen above the sea surface. Recognizing this, the State worked to identify and evaluate over 140 viewpoints along the Oregon Coast, and has created a system designed to protect coastal views.

Several sites along the Oregon Coast are now under consideration for final recommendation. Maps of these sites will be reviewed at the meeting.

This has been a long (over four years) and complicated process. But it’s still important to hear local voices. The nearshore ocean is a crowded place. Do you support responsible ocean renewable energy to reduce the use of carbon fuels? How much of Oregon’s ocean should be dedicated to wave energy? 3%? 5%? 8? Do you have personal knowledge of high value fishing grounds that need more consideration? How stringent should we make visual protection standards? Share what is important to you about the ocean and our future energy sources.

The Oregon Department of Land Conservation & Development will conduct this workshop and receive public comments for the Territorial Sea Plan Advisory Committee (TSPAC) and the Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC). Public Comments can also be submitted by one of these methods:

1) http://www.oregonocean.info (use Ocean Energy tab on main page);

2) submit to Paul Klarin, DLCD by email to paul.klarin@state.or.us;

3) submit by email to TSP.Comments@state.or.us;

4) mail to Oregon Department of Land Conservation & Development, 635 Capitol Street, NE, Suite 150, Salem, Oregon 97301-2540.


Anonymous said...

Just say NO to industrial development of our Oregon Coast-dont turn our priceless near shore areas over to a bunch of carpet bagging speculators hell bent on destroying Oregon

Anonymous said...

This should never ever be allowed to happen.I cant believe these people actually think the people of the Oregon Coast are going to let these shysters molest or exploit such a environmental nightmare.

Patrick McGee said...

And the mighty Columbia River rolls by, coming and going, every day with millions of gallons of high energy current just going to waste and waiting for somebody with the wisdom to study the use of sustainable, kinetic energy in the form of modular, and wildlife friendly, water turbines. maybe it's just a too simple solution.

Anonymous said...

Forget it, it would be an ecological nightmare for the river. . .the Columbia is already adequately exploited, as well as damaged, for electricity production via a series of federal hydro projects begining at Bonneville on up--

Patrick McGee said...

You do understand that I am not talking about dams don't you?

Anonymous said...

uh yes, I know the difference between dams and these mythical tidal turbines--as well as the mythical electricity generating buoys--it's all a scam to get these places locked up and in the hands of "speculators" who will qualify for massive government grants for R&D wave generation-ie, like Solyndra was for solar, we're going to see some hucksters show up to get the government handout-NOT ON THE OREGON COAST THEY'RE NOT. OUR NEARSHORE AND SHORELINE AREAS ARE NOT FOR SALE TO THE GREEN SCAMMERS