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Clatsop County Clerk Nicole Williams announced her departure from the position Friday, May 24. Her last day with the county will be June 28.
Williams is joining the Clatsop Care Health District as administrator/CEO. She replaces outgoing administrator Anita Schacher.
Williams joined the Clatsop County Clerk’s office in 1999. She was named county clerk in 2005 and held the position until 2008 when she was hired as assistant county manager. She returned to the clerk position when it became vacant in 2012.
“I am excited about this opportunity to be part of improving healthcare services for the citizens of this county,” she said.
Clatsop Care Center Health District operates the Clatsop Care Center and Clatsop Retirement Village in Astoria, and provides in-home health care services.
County Manager Scott said the county will take the opportunity to review the internal management structure and look for more efficiencies and savings before embarking on a recruitment effort to fill the clerk position.
The county clerk is the record-keeper for the county and administers public records, archives, legal recordings, passports and marriage licenses. The office also oversees elections and voter registration, and coordinates property tax appeals.
Following Williams’ move back to the Clerk position in 2012 and the departure of Finance Director Mike Robison in March, the county instituted a reorganization that eliminated the Assistant County Manager position and dissolved the Central Services department and split its functions among other departments. The move will save the county more than $260,000 in the upcoming fiscal year budget.
“The greatest asset to county government is the employees,” Williams said. “I truly cherish my professional and personal relationships that I have established in my time with the county.”
As assistant county manager, Williams oversaw the preparation of the annual budgets, the sale and development of the North Coast Business Park property, and other projects and initiatives. At the county clerk’s office she worked on the implementation of vote-by-mail.

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Tom Bennett
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Anonymous said...

It is now June 23rd and this is the latest news on this website? Come on. Patrick Gee once billed himself as the media guy for Clatsop County and the Dean of information for us. What's the deal? Has McGee actually returned to California, died or what?

Anonymous said...

It's a race! Who can linger the longest in providing up to date news on their websites?
Tom Freel, the over stressed employee of a media conglomerate or Patrick McGee the self proclaimed voice of Clatsop County?
Both are doing an exquisite job. Neither are keeping us up to date. Are they both back in California?
So, we are left with Steve Forrester or nothing. I think that is nothing.
Good luck Clatsop County.

Patrick McGee said...


O.M.G.B. said...

comments like this by people like you are soooooooooooooo B-O-R-i_N-G. Just what do you do ?...spend all day in front of your computer trying to expand your brain by finding others to insult ? Do you care/contribute/or ever have ANYTHING to say ? Oh, but how would we know because you hide behind your computer where it's safe, huh? Man up !

Anonymous said...

I am amazed, Patrick, that you would recommend Facebook and You Tube as media equal to yours. Equating your work to that of these self serving and untruthful forms certainly degrades Grassroots people in my opinion. I would much rather read your thoughtful and studied view of local things.

And, OMGB (meaning Oh My Great Butt or what?) I am happy to be accused as someone who hides behind my computer by an equally gutless whimp like you. And, BTY, with people like you it is not at all hard to find someone to insult.

OMGB said...

The difference between me and you regarding these local sites is that, I appreciate and enjoy reading what our locals do to contribute to the community, no matter what the content or how far and few between they are. You on the other hand seem to be looking for bait. Moving on...

Anonymous said...

If you get the information you desire from Grassroots people you sure don't need much to satisfy your quest for knowledge of local events. Nor do you have a need for the truth. Nor do you see many good things about local people, since in the end analysis Patrick is as much of a hater as anyone on his site, even River Bear.

RiverBear said...

Is there only one pathetic and angry idiot who posts under "Anonymous" or many? I hope it is just one. After reading Anonymous’ latest comments posted here, it is obvious that Anonymous needs to get a life or a hobby.

Anonymous: Identify yourself. My name is Leon Jackson (aka RiverBear).

Anonymous said...

Still neck and neck. Both our news gurus, Patrick McGee and Tom Freel have not told us anything on their blogs since May. Who will be the first to break this streak?

Jaleel said...

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