Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Want to know what to do when "The Big One" hits?

Monday, Oct. 14, 2013 ‘OREGON SHAKEOUT’ INCLUDES CLATSOPALERTS! TEST; SIGN-UP OPEN Do you know what to do when the “big one” hits? The “Great Oregon Shakeout” on Thursday, Oct. 17 will test the readiness of individuals, schools, businesses and organizations for a major earthquake. At 10:17 a.m. people are encouraged to practice the “duck, cover and hold on” rule for surviving earthquakes – drop to the ground, get under a sturdy desk or table, and hold on for at least 60 seconds. The Shakeout is designed to promote preparedness by educating the public how to reduce hazards in their homes and workplaces, prepare emergency kits and take other measures. To learn more go to www.shakeout.org/oregon. People can register as Shakeout participants to be tallied as event participants, but registration is not required to take part. As part of the Shakeout exercise, two emergency notification systems will be tested: Clatsop County’s ClatsopAlerts! and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s IPAWS. Designed to provide local citizens with immediate information and warnings about storms, floods and tsunamis, water contamination alerts, missing persons reports, road closures and other events, ClatsopALERTS! sends out recorded voice or text messages to citizens’ home phones, cell phones, pagers and email addresses, alerting them to the emergency and providing important response information. The first county-wide ClatsopAlerts! message will be sent out at 10 a.m. Thursday. At 10:15 a.m. the National Weather Service will send out an IPAWS message. IPAWS – Integrated Public Alert and Warning System – is an emergency-only notification system that gives local emergency agencies the ability to send messages to cell phone users in Clatsop County regardless of whether they are signed up for ClatsopAlerts! This provides the ability to reach visitors with severe weather warnings, evacuation notices, Amber Alerts and other emergency messages. All land-line telephone customers in the county are automatically registered with ClatsopAlerts! – citizens can also sign up to receive messages through cell phones, email and pagers. Registration is available online at www.co.clatsop.or.us. Released by: Tom Bennett Community Relations Coordinator (503) 338-3622


Bob said...

So, this was written October 15th and it is now November 25th. Hopefully for the area this site is not currently involved in current affairs. Is Patrick too busy making, and please forgive the term, weird comments on other websites and defending Councilman Herzig or what? Is the plan to keep this site up or not please?

Patrick McGee said...

What's the matter....uh...."BOB"...feeling a little "Banished" today?

I have always posted whatever I find interesting and wish to share with others on this Blog and still do.

You prepared for the "Big One" Bob?

Bob said...

Well, Patrick, I think I am. But, we can't have too much information on this subject. I just saw some more reports from OSU's tsunami lab and it seems Astoria is not in as much danger as other areas for people 140 feet or more from the water. Warrenton, though is in deep trouble. In terms of information I was wondering if an architect like yourself could provide us with some information on how to strengthen our homes? I know about the water heater straps, but there is little I can find on structural things. That would be good for your website I think, given your expertise.
As for your site, sorry for the sarcastic comment, but I read your messages on another site and didn't understand them at all. You may know you have a loyal following, such as myself, that looks for local news not found in the paper. I think you agreed to report things about the County Commission and did so for awhile. The exchanges you helped along between locals may not have been kind, but were fun to read the views about our tiny towns. However, in the last several months information on your site has tapered down quite a bit. I hope your plan is not to diminish your site to nothing. It was such a viable source of news and that would be sad.
If you need my name to give a serious answer, I am Bob Dalton, a retired disabled vet living in Warrenton.

Patrick McGee said...

I am a "Building Designer" and practice under Oregon Statutes for Architects under non-registrant practice, specifically.

All new construction in Oregon is required to comply with stringent energy and seismic codes.

Tsunamis? Flooding? Ample and timely warnings and evacuation plans.

I've been primarily posting the same data on Facebook...it gets out there, generates decent, spectful debate and still gets it to who I want to get it to but still.

CCBofC? It is clearly doing its job. Anything changes I'll be all over it. The big concern now is a "Backsliding Astoria City Council" that needs to big shaken-up again to get them back into good order and that will happen sooner than later.

Of course, in my opinion if you want biased, bigoted, bullshit mis-information you can go to NorthCoastOregon.com and its cast of characters or you can go to my Facebook and join the same GRP debates on issues there. Or go to Daily Astorian for quality reporting and feedback.

Anonymous said...

in my opinion if you want biased, bigoted, bullshit mis-information you can go to NorthCoastOregon.com and its cast of characters

Now thats just not true-any of it. NCO is a great local news resource. GRP and McGee's facebook page get ignored by locals because there's nothing there. McGee is jealous of NCO because it gets ooodles more attention than he does so he has to try to put it down.