Thursday, December 12, 2013

Highlights From December 11, 2013 CCBofC Meeting

Boat Launch Lease; The board approved a lease agreement with the owners of property containing a boat launch ramp and parking area at Aldrich Point near Brownsmead. The 10-year lease, with Ernest John Affolter and Gerald Veenker, will enable the county to resume maintenance and repairs at the site. The county has maintained the site since the 1970s but ceased those activities in 2007 when it was unable to come to a lease or sale agreement with the owners at that time.

 Animal Tool Ban; The board postponed action on a proposed ordinance banning the use of bullhooks, whips and electric prods on certain animals. The ordinance would prohibit the use of the devices on elephants, felines and primates used for display or entertainment in the county. Commissioners and staff discussed adding language that would expand the list of devices covered, and considered putting the ordinance before county voters at an upcoming election. The board will take up the issue at its Feb. 26, 2014 meeting.

 Veterans Services Presentation; The board heard a presentation from Veterans Services Officer Phil Simmons, who provided an update on the program’s accomplishments since the commissioners voted earlier this year to increase county support. He and his wife, Buffy Simmons, have increased the number of hours available to work with clients, and have increased the amount of benefits coming to local claimants, while reducing the number of open claims.

 Tom Bennett Community Relations Coordinator 
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