Thursday, September 25, 2008

From Roberts(Patricia) For Clatsop;CCBofC Land Use Code Revision Project

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Land Use Code Revision Project

Over a year ago the County Board of Commissioners asked for a review of Clatsop County Land and Water Development and Use Ordinance (LWDUO) #80-14. The existing LWDUO was adopted September 30, 1980 and though it had been revised several times during its 28-year history, it was in need of a complete rewrite. ....For Complete Piece, Click On Thread Title Above


Anonymous said...

Too little too late trish.
You shouldnta, oughta done that OPR thing darlin.

Patrick McGee said...

And now the poor woman along with, surprisingly, Commissioner Raichl enthusiastically endorses hiring an interim County Manager by the name of Harold "Andy" Anderson from Bend, Oregon that has been fired from his last two jobs(Medford City Manager and Bend City Manager) at $8500.00 a month plus another $1500.00 pocket change to presumably make the transition between Derickson and a new County Manager seamless and without controversy?

We got a real problem here folks, in my view