Sunday, October 12, 2008

Climate Solutions Offer Alternatives

Carbon-Free Prosperity 2025

How the Northwest Can Create Jobs, Enable Energy Independence, and Be a Global Clean-Energy LeaderMon Oct 6 2008

Carbon-Free Prosperity 2025 concludes that five emerging clean-tech industry sectors offer the Pacific Northwest one of the best opportunities for sustained economic vitality and job growth.

It also charts the course for private and public investment and leadership to capitalize on the opportunity.

The study provides a comprehensive look at emerging green industries that are projected to provide high-paying jobs and a vital new economic base for the region.

It provides a grounded and realistic view of the region’s potential role in an increasingly competitive global clean-tech industry...Click On Thread Title For Complete Article

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Peter Huhtala said...

Thank you for posting this. These people are credible and the jobs are realistic. I'm bound and determined to see some of them come our way.