Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Huhtala Blasts Witt's Environmental Record!

For immediate release September 22, 2009
Contact Peter Huhtala (503) 468-8038

(Astoria, Oregon) Today the Oregon League of Conservation
Voters released their 2009 legislative scorecard

OLCV Legislator Score Card

District 31 Representative Brad Witt (D-Clatskanie) scored

His challenger, Huhtala, expressed disappointment.

Peter Huhtala of Astoria seeks to replace Witt in the
Oregon House of Representatives.

The two will have a chance to square off in the May 2010 Democratic primary.

“Witt delivered a mediocre performance for the environment.
Only four Democrats in the Oregon House had lower scores,”
said Huhtala.

“The environment is a vital part of the quality of life
that defines Oregon,” Huhtala added, “From voting against
reducing field burning to sponsoring a bill to fast-track
LNG, Witt made the wrong decisions."


Anonymous said...

Huhtala has as much chance of unseating Witt as he does being the next King Of England

Patrick McGee said...

Well, rule England well "Your Highness".

Many say Witt is done and ready to be served-up to history.

Anonymous said...

yeah, well, those democrats say a lot of stuff that ain't true

Charles said...

Yes they do...and this local group makes me practically ashamed of being a Dem!

Patrick..you misread the first post...read it again

Huhtala has absolutely NO chance of beating Brad Witt in an election. I'm almost embarassed for him.

Patrick McGee said...

It's going to be very interesting nonetheless.

I think Peter, in the current climate, has a very strong chance of unseating Witt.

Both local parties are not impressing me at the moment.