Wednesday, September 23, 2009

North American Natural Gas: 100 Years Worth!

100 years worth of Natural Gas reserves with more coming and from us, not a foreign supplier, to bridge that transiton to Sustainable/Renewable energy resources.

Based on that, do we need LNG Storage/Transfer Terminals?
Excerpt above from most recent "Public Mailer" being distributed by Bradwood Landing/NSNG

Not for our own supply but, look at the profits to be made in exporting the stuff and Bradwood Landing/NSNG implies that they wouldn't even think of such a dastardly thing.

ANGA Says: "* Major new resources of unconventional shale natural gas are dampening forecasts for America’s needs for liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports from foreign countries."

Palomar Says: “The Palomar East pipeline would provide the NW Natural system [Oregon’s largest distributor of natural gas to homes, businesses, and industry] with benefits in terms of added capacity and options for North American gas, whether or not any of the LNG terminals [proposed for Oregon] were built,” the report states on Page 12.

As noted in the Wall Street Journal: “[Natural gas] production is up 8 percent this year, according to government data, and the growth is expected to continue as companies drill thousands of wells in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, and look at massive new reserves in Appalachia and Canada.”

ANGA Says: 97% of the Natural Gas used in The United States comes from North America


Anonymous said...

why not export it? It will bring new wealth to the Northwest, in my view.

Patrick McGee said...

Us First!!!

Anonymous said...

the business of America is business. Of course we, as northwesterners, no the value of exporting our products to the global markets.

Charles said...


The methods being used by these drillers is called hydro-fracing. It is causing terrible problems for nearby residents as the chemicals they use are tainting the drinking water....

There are many articles regarding this all over the place.

This method of extracting natural gas is more damaging environmentally than any pipeline would be.

And since you promote it, as well as local drilling, I'll be sure and pass along to the companies that do this, that you'll be happy to have one of these rigs in YOUR backyard.

I certainly wouldn't want one

Patrick McGee said...

I would say it would be more prudent to quicken the pace in developing effective sustainable and renewable energy resources to negate the need to resort to this type of extraction wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

Export it it???
These are IMPORT facilities.
Can these people tell if it's daylight without making it up?

Anonymous said...

Patrick McGee said...
Us First!!!

If you don't like the idea of selling your products overseas, then by all means-don't. But you are hardly in any position to effectively intefere with such a large business venture as this.

Anonymous said...

They're proudly proclaiming that my grandchildren will see the end of natural gas within their lifetimes. (My daughter is 1, if she has a child when she is 30, that child would be 70 when there is NO MORE GAS in the US.) Why do they think this is good news? This is horrifying news. (And more realistic numbers say it will cease to be economically viable in 61 years -- well within my daughter's expected lifetime.) Do we really hate our children and grandchildren that much?

The folks that think we can use this until something better comes along need to stop thinking that procrastinating can solve the problem. If we don't try to find a solution, we'll never come up with one.