Friday, October 09, 2009

From The Daily Astorian:Clatsop Commissioner Samuelson's Calls In Question

10/9/2009 11:46:00 AM

Samuelson calls raise anxiety

Commissioner contacts employers of people who signed petition against her; ballots are in the mail

By JOE GAMM - The Daily Astorian

As ballots go out for the commissioners' recall election today, some Clatsop County employees may be having second thoughts about signing the petitions.

For some families who depend on the county for their jobs, Clatsop County Commissioner Ann Samuelson has applied a low-heat, high-pressure approach to her fight to stay in office.

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Marc said...

I cannot wait to hear the excuses.

What about that relative Samuelson has working in Clatsop County Elections?

Is somebody making sure this person stays out of this recall election?

What about all those fuzzy contributions these critters, Samuelson and Roberts, who knows what Hazen is into, are getting from unions, property owners and developers?

Anonymous said...

more conjecture and unfounded innuendo from Marc....typical puff piece from Forrester's flunkies, complete with big headline, to try to make something out of nothing. "Causes Anxiety" in a headline!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHHAA HAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Cash contributions from Ken Leahy, the owner of Bradwood Landing making cash contrbutions to both Ann Samuelson and Patricia Roberts PACs?

Conjecture and unfounded innuendo?

It's on record.

Anonymous said...

Most public officials would be in jail for this sort of thing.
Why is Ann so special?
Go to OreStar and look at all the out of state money pouring into "Friends of Ann."
And the pro-LNGers are whining about the people who moved her in "just" the last 25 years....

Ann Samuelson said...

This was my response to the Daily Astorian, I have no relatives that work in the Elections Department, and I make no excuses for any of this, there is nothing to excuse. The out of state money is from Mr. Geisbrecht's company that is developing North Coast business park, again no excuses there either, it's all there for people to see. I have had many contributors to this campaign, and more are calling. One from a waitress who gave me 5.00 and said make this stop please. I have served my district well, and will continue to as this county moves through this difficult time.

Mr. Webb,

I want you to know I was expecting this defamatory/slanderous article. For the record have never threatened a county employee or supervisor in any way. I have not sought people out who signed this recall petition but have met them as I go about my business in my district, and some tell me they did not know what they were signing, or it was mis represented. I do not contact people on the recall list, which is a public document for anyone to see, and I couldn't tell you where my copy is. I expected this publication to do it's best to influence voters toward it's obvious bias the day ballots went out. I will continue to be in my district, contributing and doing good work with many of the other community leaders in my district that I enjoy working with and respect tremendously. Our Clatsop County employees do a great job and do not deserve to be drug into this political agenda, whatever they may believe about this recall, they have every right to sign whatever they wish, and I would never attempt to influence that. I think it is very sad indeed that Steve Phillips who received the Byron Award this morning, (and so very much deserved I might add) was not the main headline. Mr. Phillips is a man of integrity, and his wife is amazing as well, they give quietly and constantly to our community, that would have been a much better community building headline. Unfortunately it becomes more and more apparent that this newspaper has a clear pattern of tearing down community, very sad indeed not for me, but for this County at large.

Ann Samuelson

Marc said...

I am impressed with the cash contribution from Plumbers & Mechanical Contractors Association that also say that they specialize in Natural Gas Pipelines.

Natural Gas Pipleines is it?

OK, a $500.00 cash contribution to a Clatsop County Commissioner that will ultimately play a part in the approval or disapproval of an LNG plant that will definitely have a natural gas pipeline fitted to it along with ohter functions this labor organization might be able to take advantage of.

Oh, yeah there is nothing wrong with this?

Ann Samuelson said...

No there is nothing wrong with that I was on the board of the Plumbing Mechanical Contractors Assoc. for a number of years, had a family owned plumbing business for a number of years before I became elected, and my Dad was a union plumber, who died of asbestos cancer at the age of 53, I am a known advocate for asbestos disease and tradespeople, prior to being a Commissioner. PMCA is not a labor organization, they are a contractor organization. There is nothing wrong taking contributions from labor organizations either, I have also received contributions from a logging company, and more is coming from that sector, Hampton Affiliates is sending me a check next week. The point of the Orestar system is you see who contributes 100 dollars or more. If you spend that has to be reported as well for mailers etc., or in-kind donations. Hope this clarifies that for you.

Anonymous said...

This is taken from this very site.

Ann Samuelson says:"Further, take a look at my website, there's a letter from Atlin Investment on it that explains how much I with Senator Johnsons help made the Northcoast Business Park permits happen in a timely manner so that Costco could begin construction on a schedule that was critical for them."

And then Samuelson receives, through North Coast Retail LLC, the Costco Project, which tracks back to Atlin Investments, almost $7,000 in cash and in-kind contributions.

Not that it is illegal Samuelson but what does it smell of?

And then there is the Leahy issue of Samuelson and Roberts taking cash contributions from him, the owner of the very controversial Bradwood Landing Property, while still sitting in deliberation of approval of that very same project as Clatsop County Commissioners and then all of a sudden Leahy's name shows up with a nice little grading contract on the Costco/North Coast Retail/Atlin Investments project?

Not that it is illegal but, what does it smell of?

Plumbers Union contributions and no disrespect to Samuelson's father, their job is to put their members to work and friend or no friend, when you advertise as one of your specialties expertise in Natural Gas Pipelines making a cash contribution to an invovled County Commissioner?

Not that it is illegal but, what does it smell of?

Janet said...

Commissioner Samuelson -

Thanks for actually responding, something not possible on your professionally designed webpage.

But a few questions I hope you'll answer:

1) Don't you see anything that makes some uncomfortable with you accepting huge amounts of money from out-of-state interests when your supporters have made such a big deal about Dirk Rhone doing an interview for an anti-lng movie?

2) You say you have no apologies. What the heck were you doing talking to the Sheriff and Mental Health Director about why their employees signed the petition? Did you think Ms. Garber - the Elections Director - wasn't doing her job verifying the signatures?
You and your family have a lot of money but can't you understand how scared a county employee would be to learn that their big boss was snooping around to see what petition they signed on their own time?

3) What part of the ASTORIAN story is slanderous? What did they say that was untrue? Are the Sheriff and Mental Health Director lying?
And why is that every time you're accused do we see you running to hide behind people like Betsy Johnson, Steve Phillips or your adorable grandchildren?

4) If the recall fails by a narrow margin what will you take away from that?

Thanks for answering

Ann Samuelson said...

These contributions are used specifically for a campaign, or for other mailings etc. and it can only be given to non profits if it is no longer going to be an open account. I have worked on many issues since I became a county Commissioner, and have diverse support. I am not here to debate the issue, just give facts. Would you think mechanical contractors would not do gas piping?

Anonymous said...

I hope that wasn't your answer to Janet's questions!

Marc said...

And then......February 2008?

Two cash contributions to Commissioner Samueslon from, Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters S.S.F.?

Well now, what is at stake for these people?

A healthy "Union" contract to put one helluva lot of "Union" carpenters to work if one of these, if not all, those LNG projects happen and a cooperative few County Commissioners with greased palms and positioned to make it happen regardless of the protests of the local peasents?


Maybe not but what does it smell of?

Marc said...

"I am not here to debate the issue, just give facts. Would you think mechanical contractors would not do gas piping?"

That would be a Plumbing-Mechanical Contractor, as a matter of "Fact" Commissioner, that does "Natural Gas Pipelines" and is giving "You", Clatsop County Commissioner Samuelson, money.

When, in your representation of the constituents of District 5, your neighors, would you deem it necessary to say "No" to contributions that may bring into question your intgerity and credibility as a community leader, legal or not?

Patrick McGee said...

I have served my district well, and will continue to as this county moves through this difficult time.

And your constituents will confirm the success or failure of your and Commissioner Hazen's service in their trust on October 27th for certain and we will finally hear their voice on this embarrassment to our community.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that an In-Law Samuelson has down at county elections?

Somebody better be watching that person just for good measure.

I see where Hazen is speaking up on his blog now using the same old "I was just following the law and not giving a shit about the people defence".

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is beyond belief. Most of the commissioners are a corrupt nightmare from hell, shades of Richard Daly's Chicago and Huey Long's Louisiana, who have let Texas oil speculators get their foot in the door to despoil the Lower Columbia River for profit.

It's hard to fathom why the three under recall aren't deeply ashamed of themselves for betraying their consitutents, their county and their state. They are an embarrassment on a good day; dangerous to our lives, homes and property on a bad one.

Thank God for Dirk Rohne, the only commmissioner with a brain and a conscience.

Vote yes to recall these corrupt politicians on Oct. 27 before they can do more harm than they already have. Vote to recall the third when the opportunity arises.

It's too bad the whole county can't vote. The recall would be a slam dunk.

Anonymous said...

That's what scares me...that the whole county can't vote. We all know (or suspect) Warrenton has it's share of problems with ethical commissioners, and they keep getting reelected. Why should it be different for Jeff Hazen? Some people can vote in Astoria, and it's a good thing, because I don't neccesarily trust my fellow Warrentonians to do the right thing.

Lisa said...

Warrentonians are so beat down by their government and still so technologically isolated they are not about to stand up to those G.O.Blings in power over there and the Lord of the town, when his term is done, will just hire himself as the City Manager again.

Anonymous said...

Tell me that isn't so...I've heard that it has become well known about the G.O.B's in Warrenton. If memory serves it was on a larger level than just the county. Well, I guess we get what we deserve if it keeps going on. Maybe, just Maybe this will be the time when things start to change...although I've said that to myself a number of times before.


Anonymous said...

now the recent arrivals think that just because they don't live in Warrenton that they should be able to tell Warrenton how to run it's town. Simply amazing how they think they have such entitlement. If you don't like Costco or Walmart, no one is going to force you to shop there, nor are you under any obligation to go to Warrenton if you dont like it

Lisa said...

"Anonymous", that's fairly common name around Warrenton and nobody would dare want to tell your clan what to do over there because you do it so well and there are so many of you!

The only reason anybody would want to go to Warrenton is because they have to to get to Costco and Wal-Mart and of course self-storage.

Patrick McGee said...

Come now, there are many fine people that live in the Warrenton/Hammond area, the entire community as well and let's not cast a blanket condemnation on them all as we should not condemn all those that live here bereft of the apparent self-entitlement of those that claim multi-generational descent as a merit.

Jim said...

Thanks Patrick..I like to think that there are many fine people that live over here(Warrenton/Hammond). Just that the leadership is not all that it could be...much like our county.

Anonymous said...

Lisa said...
The only reason anybody would want to go to Warrenton is because they have to to get to Costco and Wal-Mart and of course self-storage

Well, isn't that special. Guess you must be such an expert on Warrenton to make such remarks. Guess all those folks who work in the fish plants, lumber mill, state park, own and maintain fishing boats, the sorting yard, Bio Oregon, Carruthers, and the retail outlets don't really want to go to Warrenton after all to work. Probably safe to say that you, Lisa, are about as out of touch with reality as some recent arrival from some other state can be.

Lisa said...

Carruthers is gone except for a small crew of white collar types moved over to Astoria.

Lumber Mill, a huge cutback.

Anonymous said...

Oh right, Lisa...I guess that means people who work in Warrenton aren't important enough for you. Perhaps you would be kind enough to tell the class just what it is that you and your husband do for a living that makes you above everybody?

Patrick McGee said...

I think I already made the point to Lisa about her criticism of Warrenton and she seems to have complied so let's just drop the attempt to relight that issue shall we?

Anonymous said...

Actually, McGee, it was myself who exposed the disordered musings of Lisa and shut her down. Your puff piece about there are many fine people that live in the Warrenton/Hammond area is just that ie; "Puff"

Patrick McGee said...

Anonymous said...
"Actually, McGee, it was myself who exposed the disordered musings of Lisa and shut her down. Your puff piece about there are many fine people that live in the Warrenton/Hammond area is just that ie; "Puff""

So, you are saying that is not true?

Are you saying there are few fine people in Warrenton?

I don't find that to be true.

Anonymous said...

No, I'm saying your comment was puff