Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OPB's Think Out Loud: North Coast Wal-Mart To Be Featured Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Jim said...

So, it sounds like Walmart coming is going to be the end of the world as we know it. I find that hard to believe. That was probably what was said when Freddies came, and again when Costco came. I would bet that it won't make much of a difference. Most people that go to the one in Longview will just have less of a drive. Most of the other "locals" won't even set foot in it.

In some things it's good to have a little competition. I went to buy bricks, normal clay bricks, at a local hardware store and they were a buck plus per brick...I went to Home Depot in Longview(before they opened a place here) and payed about a third of the price. At some point the "local" stores created their own problems by gouging the local people. That's not saying that my experience is a common or not common one throughout the rest of retail. To me, if Walmart sells cat food at a much less price than Freddies or Safeway or Main Street Market in Warrenton, then I will go there to get cat food. Will I go there for much of anything else? I doubt it but who knows.

Patrick McGee said...

Well, I still do most of my business wit City Lumber in Astoria and we go to Home Depot, as we did with HD in Longview for big ticket items.

Now, is City Lumber suffering because of HD?

There's still usually a crowd in the place and we have no plan to change.


Of course we'll probaby shop there as we do at Ross's, Costco, everywhere else but, do I support its coming?


Once again before we bite into this thing, we need to make damned sure we did the proper Due Diligence for its need because a bunch of businesses and livelyhoods are at stake that will not be able to compete with it in anyway whatsover and if all we are going to do is make lateral moves on this without significant gain in the community, why bother?