Thursday, November 12, 2009

Clatsop County Commissioner Jeff Hazen Comments On Recent And Upcoming Recall Elections

From Jeff Hazen's Blog
These Three Things

First of all, I would like to thank all of those that voted to keep me in office during the recent recall attempt. I will forever be grateful to those that supported me through this time. I am proud to serve District 1 and the entire county and will continue to work hard for everyone.

Secondly, it saddens me that Ann was recalled by just 4 votes. Many people just don't know how hard she worked for Clatsop County. I have never seen a county commissioner work harder than her. She worked tirelessly to make sure that those that needed help the most were taken care of. She fought a hard battle to keep her seat and the margin of loss goes to show that there was not an overwhelming majority unhappy with the job she was doing. It has been an honor for me to serve with Ann and I applaud her job that she did as a commissioner.

Third, the recall effort against Patricia is moving forward. Make no mistake about it, this is a continuation of the effort to overthrow your county government. Patricia also works tirelessly for the county. She studies the issues very closely and can be relied on for very thoughtful consideration no matter what comes before the commission. It would be a travesty for her to lose her seat on the commission. We need hard working people like Patricia on our commission.

I can't help but ponder that there are those behind the recall efforts that don't like the idea of strong-willed women in leadership in the county. Sad, truly sad.
posted by Jeff at 10:04 AM on Nov 11, 2009


Anonymous said...

You can take two things from this election.
One is that only 44% of Jeff's constituents wanted him out of office of the 50% who voted.
Apparently the other 50% didn't care enough to vote.
Ann was recalled by a narrow vote, just like Patricia was barely elected and Richard Lee was barely elected.
Two of the three commissioners elected as a group in 2006 have been recalled by voters even though huge amounts of money and mailers supported the incumbent commissioners.
Jeff can hunker down, complain about all the outside haters or he as Chair can try to mend fences and find those issues that everyone thinks need help; hunger, mental health, and public safety.
We can continue to hurl mostly anonymous insults or we can try to realize there are different views and each of us is not always right.

Patrick McGee said...

The significant fact here is that of the 4 Clatsop County Commissioners of "The Lee Era Agenda", two so far, have been recalled, one so far, has kept his seat by a less than overwhelming vitory in a poor turn-out and the fourth's upcoming political future is clouded with many questions.

I would like to remind Jeff that nobody is a victor here, especially the citizens of Clatsop County being subjected to this kind of leadership where this kind of embarrassment of "Mass Recalls" should in any way be a reality and perpetrated upon them.

Simple fact is that if everything were in order and everybody doing their jobs this wouldn't be happening and to stoop so low as to, in essence, infer all those, his neighbor/constituents, that voted against him and Samuelson as being part of some sort of conspiracy to overthrow Coutny Government?

Totally uncalled for and we all need to remember this bias in his future tenure on CCBofC in the doing of "Our" public business.

Many seem to have forgotten that CCBofC is a "Non-Partisan" position and truly I believe part of the failure of this commission as it is with others around these parts is the attempt to propsper "Political Agendas" as opposed to improving the life quality in the interests of the entire community.

Elleda said...
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Elleda said...

am completely annoyed that Hazen would say such nonsense, i.e. that the recalls are about getting rid of strong-willed women in leadership in the county. What a load of crap.
The recalls are about removing people of either gender whose so-called leadership endangers their community by pandering to outside investors.
Guess he's already forgotten he was under recall, too.

Lisa said...

I think Hazen is confusing strong willed women with just two women politicians failing in leadership, as he himself is, that would bring on these recalls.

Surely he knows outside the public eye, as rumor has it, he is deemed by some of the power brokers as manipulable and willing to go along to get along.

Charles said...

Forget the strong women. The recal was about POWER. Interestingly, people in Clatsop County voted in the majority for people who, it turns out, do not support their views. So, they recall them for a better alternative? We must pray that the principal supporters of the recall will present themselves as candidates for the vacent seats. Otherwise, this is all shameful sham.

Anonymous said...

No, no, write in Patrick McGee for all the County Commission seats. He should replace all the Commissioners since he is so smart and able that he could certainly run Clatsop County all by himself. Think not? Just look at all the beautiful (and closely built) houses he has designed for the Millpond. They only move a little with the tides, um...just like Patrick.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Lori Caplin would be the best person. Just look at the tangle of weeds that she calls a garden in her front yard. Obviously, she is well organized and much smarter than anyone else. Laurie Caplin gets my vote (but then we don't get to vote for a Commissioner, do we). Time to move.

Bill said...

Whomever becomes the new commissioners, please please let them leave Warrenton alone. The current anti everything group of Astorians have destroyed a lot. They should leave Warrenton alone so it can become the great city it is.

Patrick McGee said...

Everybody care for a little cheese with those whines?

Feeling sorry for yourself with some inane blubbering and name calling will not make anything any better for any of those citizens in Samuelson's Ex-District 5.

Would any of you know anybody in District 5 that would make a good candidate and not be on any side or political vent on this with the maturity and ability to stay impartial and sit in the service and trust of the constituents?

Who would it be and why?

Charles said...

Most certainly, the people who live in District 5, and were the major players in the recall, should put themselves forward for appointment to the Commission. Isn't that the way it's supposed to work in America? If you don't like the job the person elected by the majority is doing, at least try to do the job better- yourself if the opportunity arises. Otherwise, the people who lead revolutions are merely whining little people who hide behind the lines.
So, it would seem Patrick, that you should be a candidate.

Anonymous said...

I hate the tell you this Jeff, but a case could certainly be made for saying that the entire recall effort was lead by strong willed women who just wanted to exercise their power. Just look at who is really behind the anti everything efforts. Do you really think that the guys working on this stuff could really marshall the kind of meanness that has been demonstrated?

Patrick McGee said...

Charles said:So, it would seem Patrick, that you should be a candidate.

Not that I could be but, you know what "Anonym", I like it just fine right where I am as an observer.

Charles said...

It's not surprising that you would decline to be a candidate for office, Patrick. Too bad. It would be interesting to see if you are as up to the task of serving the people's interests as those who do offer their talents, that you so despise.
Of course, that goes for the other anti everything people. I bet Lori, Roger, Jan, Tom, Sue and the other organizers won't offer to serve either.

Patrick McGee said...

Charles said...
It's not surprising that you would decline to be a candidate for office, Patrick. Too bad.

You must not be from around these parts.

Anonymous said...

Patrick McGee said...

You must not be from around these parts.

Uhhh, actually it's you, McGee, who isn't from around "these parts", but that doesn't stop you from jibberjabbering.

Patrick McGee said...

Anothernonymous said:Uhhh, actually it's you, McGee, who isn't from around "these parts", but that doesn't stop you from jibberjabbering.

3:53 AM

Uhhhhh, just as I thought and just to fill you in, to be eligible to sit on Ex-Commissioner Samuelson's old seat, you must be from that district, District 5 per County Charter.

Patrick McGee said...


I was confusing the "Charles" anonym with "Anothernonymous" who is from around here and doesn't know you have to be from the same district you serve?

And I thought you were such an intellect and literary sort?

You also have to be a registered voter, at least 18 years old and get this, "Only be a resident of you district for a period of 12 months" no matter where you are from, so long as the constituents vote for you in the majority and have weighed & considered you eligibilty.