Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Final Unofficial Count Shows Roberts Keeps Her Seat With A 58.57% To 41.43% Margin

PRECINCTS COUNTED (OF 6) . . . . . 6 - 100.00 %
BALLOTS COUNTED - TOTAL. . . . . . . 1,945
VOTER TURNOUT - TOTAL . . . . . . 49.37%
Yes . . . . . . . . . . . . 805 - 41.43%
No. . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,138 - 58.57%


Anonymous said...

OK, so let's start building Bradwood already.

Patrick McGee said...

Well, there you go, be positive.

Anonymous said...

Patricia is too well thought of in her district for it to have gone any other way--Those anti LNG Claifornia clowns are probably down at the Ft. George crying in their beer. Screw'em-they don't impress anyone in the South County with their sleazy lies, innuendo and bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I'll bet Forrester et al are just devastated that he's losing his touch being a smear artist

Patrick McGee said...

Did you notice, no big noise or debate on Roberts as many were expecting?

Could it be things went exactly as anticipated?

Going to be interesting to see what's coming.

Jim said...

She got elected so it's not surprising the recall didn't work.
But she just barely got elected.
You can take that two ways.
"I won!"
Or "I need to do better."
The LNGers should remember that HALF of "their" commissioners have been recalled by Clatsop County voters.
That's not a record to be proud of.

Patrick McGee said...

She must remember too, that only 28% of cosntituents voted for her and I think that's where the message is.

Charles said...

Poor Clatsop County Commissioners. Those hard working people who volunteer their time and talents to a public that is either disinterested or anti everything that resembles progress. And, these anti folks even refuse to put their names forward to be on the boards whose members they campaign against. Why on earth would anyone ever volunteer to serve in this environment? Best thing Clatsop County elected officials can do - nothing. That way Patrick, Lori, Roger, Jan, Tom, Susan, Steve and the rest will get their way without charging us with the cost of all the recalls. Hopefully these anti everything people will raise their hands and take responsiblity for the decline of the County - but, I bet not. Has Patrick or Roger or Dr. Tom or Steve ever taken responsiblity for the lack of jobs here? Please, however, leave Warrenton alone. They got it right.

Patrick McGee said...

Care for a little "Cheese" and "Bread" with that Charles?

These....uh...Volunteers you refer to that run for an Elected Seat on any board or commission around these parts know full well, going in, what this is all about, how much they will not get paid and the time and commitment it will take.

The trick in all this,I would think, going in, is to decide who/what you are going to serve, "An Agenda" or "The People" that put you there and represent them in the doing of their "Public Business".

Now, for whatever reason, we have seen in the last few years four Clatsop County Commissioners be petitioned and their seats be put up to an election by their constituents with two of those four being removed so, tell me Charles, what brought this on?

And here we are with the other two keeping their seats but, with many still unanswered questions regarding their leadership so, tell me Charles why would that be?

Who/What is John Raichl serving?

Who/What is Dirk Rohne serving?

You infer that out of a county with 37,500 people, a handful of people are manipulating them all to make life miserable for five others sitting on a County Commission who you attempt to portray as some "Saintly", "Persecuted" group of kindly volunteers?

Well, that's not really the way it is, is it Charles?

Charles said...

It appears you have now listed at least some of the reasons you are such a vitrolic critic of elected officials, but refuse to put your name forward for public office. There is certainly truth in the axiom that to get better people in government we need better citizens (or, the basis of good government is good citizens). That is now a proven need in Clatsop County.
The question of whom an elected official serves is best asked before the election (this is what campaigns are for) not after. If citizens want stable government, asking after the election is too late)
And, yes it is quite possible for a relative handfull of people to manipulate a lot of people, and for a few to make life miserable for people on a board. Simply look at health insurance executives (or AGI, or GM, or Chase, or BOA, etc.) for a macro view and Don Webb (or you or Lori Caplin or Leon Jackson) for a micro one.

Patrick McGee said...

I have found that my place in the community is exactly where I am right now, a simple observer as you are Charles but, unlike you, willing to stand behind what I say.

Charles said...

How can you stand behind what you say without being ready to serve the public? Is simply giving the name you now use sufficient or do you do more? I can see how people who stand for public office (like me, in fact) stand behind what they say. I do not see how a disembodied website commentator does. Please enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Charles. That McGee has not issued one of his zinger nasty replies shows you got him.
Good job.

Patrick McGee said...

I'm sorry "Anonym", I was waiting for a response from Charles on a query I posed to him about sharing his campaigning for public office background with us but, it must not have been posted.

Yeah, he got me alright but I am curious as to where he might have run for office that they would allow someone with an unverifiable background to run in the first place because they don't do that around these parts.

What happens if elected, everybody chair their seats with no name plaques and bags over their heads to avoid being identified?

Must be some other universe eh Charles?

Anonymous said...

If you wish to have only people who use their names and email addresses enter statements and queries on your website, why don't you eliminate the anonymous check box on your site? It seems unfair for you to allow people to submit information using your anonymous check off capability, and then critize them for not using their names and email addresses.

Patrick McGee said...

Life's a "Bitch ain't it but, am I stopping you from posting?

Your anonymity just makes your view worth nothing in the overall but, you are still posting it are you not?

Then you or some other "Anonym" posts that they have run for, excuse me, "Stood" for public office?

Thank God you/it never got elected if you/it cannot stand behind what you believe in here on this little backwater Blog but still, I am not stopping you/it from posting here am I and will not unless I have no other recourse omit something that I deem unfit.

Anonymous said...

OK, I understand. You are helping to keep the AK47s behind the door and out of McDonalds by letting people exercise themselves on your website rather than in physical conflict with other people. For that, thanks.

Patrick McGee said...

And Patricia Roberts kept her Clatsop County Board of Commissioner's seat by a 28% overall District-2 constituent vote in a 49.37% voter turnout.

72% of Ditrict-5 constituency either didn't vote for her or just didn't vote at all.

That's a pretty sorry statement on the State of District-5 isn't?

Patrick McGee said...

That should be District-2 for Roberts, not District-5 which is the district Samuelson used to represent before her recall.