Friday, December 18, 2009

Kenny Roberts Re-Rides The Yamaha TZ750 At The Indy Mile

Kenny Roberts rides a piece of Motorcycle Dirt Track Racing History - The Yamaha (Beast) TZ750 at The Indy Mile


Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick, this has nothing to do with subject above, Would like to know if you have info about who to contact for the Knappa gun club or the Chinook range over in Washington. Lost your email address. Thanks


Patrick McGee said...

I have used the Knappa Gun Club many times in the past and unless their rules have changed, they have a drop box out there that one could simply put a nice donation into and I have been out there at times when others were there with no complaints and I think there is contact information out there and as usual, clean up all your mess before leaving.

I use a couple private ranges now.