Thursday, December 17, 2009

F.E.R.C. Approves Jordan Cove LNG Terminal - Governor Kulongoski In A Later Release Announces State Will Appeal

GovernorTo Appeal F.E.R.C. Approval Of Jordan Cove
With Bradwood Landing still in Appeal in U.S. Appeals Court, Governor says he will take Jordan Cove ruling to U.S. Appeals as well, if necessary, to overturn approval.
Posted 12/17/2009 12:20 PM ET

By Jeff Barnard, AP Environmental Writer Via Statesman Journal

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Federal regulators have approved construction of a liquefied natural gas terminal on Coos Bay and a pipeline to distribute the gas through Southern Oregon to the California state line.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission voted 3-1 Thursday in Washington, D.C., to approve the Jordan Cove project..........

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Anonymous said...

How much of Oregon's money are those idiots Kulongoski & Kroger going to waste trying to reverse the feds' decision on this?

Patrick McGee said...

Below are good contact points to get you started in finding the answer to your questions but, if I were you I would avoid using the term, "Those Idiots" and if can summon it, use your real name

Oregon Attorney General John Kroger

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski

Patrick McGee said...
Sorry about that error.

Anonymous said...

those to morons, Kulongoski & Kroger aren't averse to squandering Oregon funds in a vain attempt to reverse the fed's decision and grandstand to these scumbag treehuggng ecotards that move here from God knows where.

Patrick McGee said...

Well, sorry folks but, that will not happen!