Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cathlamet Mayor Weighs-In On LNG Debate And Discloses Public Employee Signing Agreement And Others Involved With NSNG Activities

From: Wahkiakum County Eagle Newspaper

"To The Eagle:

I am writing to clarify aspects of your coverage of the Town Council’s LNG “debate” published in The Eagle’s 12/24 issue. First, my position is that the Town of Cathlamet should monitor the ongoing negotiations between Wahkiakum County and NorthernStar, the Texas-based organization that plans to construct a LNG facility several miles from Cathlamet -- not become a signatory to any agreement they might make.

Second, we must stay well-informed because the issues under negotiation could potentially impact our town’s waterfront, require zoning changes and render our 2006 Master Plan obsolete. Given that, it seems appropriate for town leaders, including the mayor and council members, to monitor developments proactively so as not to be caught off guard."

* Cathlamet Deputy Fire Chief signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Northern Star Natural Gas?
* Members of the Cathlamet fire department, funded by NorthernStar, have over the past three years undergone LNG fire training.
* Town Councilor David Goodroe, the current Executive Director of the Lower Columbia Economic Development Council, said at a meeting that the LCEDC has for several years discussed with NorthernStar and other parties a plan to base armed escort/security vessels in the Elochoman Marina and place LNG escort tugboats elsewhere on Cathlamet’s waterfront.

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