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October, 2009 - Northern Star Natural Gas Attempts To Float A Securities Services Agreement With Wahkiakum County Board Of Commissioners

Citizens: Investigate potential LNG security pact liabilities for 8 - 10 security jobs manned by Wahkiakum County Sheriff Officers.

Published on Thu, Oct 1, 2009 by Rick Nelson - The Wahkiakum County Eagle

"Tread carefully", That's the message a group of citizens gave the Wahkiakum County board of commissioners for their negotiation of a security services agreement with NorthernStar Natural Gas LLC.

"Island resident George Exum asked if the public would be able to review the proposed agreement prior to the commissioners voting on it.Commissioners and Garrett agreed the public could examine the agreement, with classified sections blacked out.In response to a question, Garrett said the facility is licensed as a receiving facility and would not be retrofitted to export natural gas. "We've offered to sign a letter that we'll not do that," he said."

"Commissioner Marsyla commented that she feels the potential of 8-10 jobs is "huge." "I truly will be really sad if this plant goes in and those 10 jobs end up in Columbia County and there are none here," she said. "I agree we need to look at the contract."

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