Monday, March 01, 2010

Clatsop County Commission Approves And Adopts A New Guiding Principles Statement

-Approved a new Guiding Principles statement for the board of commissioners. The new statement, drawn up by commissioners Jeff Hazen and Robert Mushen with help from Assistant County Manager Nicole Williams, replaces other statements with outdated and repetitive language. The new statement reads:

· We will conduct business in an open, honest and respectful manner.

· We will provide professional, positive leadership for the organization, our employees, as well as all citizens in the County.

· We will strive to be informed and follow a process that involves collaborative decision-making keeping in mind what is best for the entire County.

· We will work in partnership with the citizens of the County, Federal, State and local governments to achieve mutual goals.

· We will foster responsible growth management.


Anonymous said...

And the saying and the doing are two totally different things. One is face noise and the other is action.

Anonymous said...

Too bad they didn't come out with this a long time ago...but just cause they came out with it gives them one more thing NOT to follow...sounds good but, as above says, just "face noise".


Anonymous said...

Another thing...I see Jeff is going to have someone running against him this next time around..sounds good, can't wait to get a sign in my yard for the Mr. Lee from Bikes and Beyond.


Patrick McGee said...

My money says he's going to get trounced just like it's a walk-over.

I hear too, Mayor Van Dusen has a really serious candidate in the wings, somebody other than Michael McCusker, going to take him on this time.

Anybody else heard anything on this?

Anonymous said...

Sure, Patrick, it's you, in your dreams. Why else would you be all over all the websites with your "informed" blithering opinions about whatever you want. You are stupid and Willis is a Mayor to be admired, You would be despised as an elected official. It's better that you stay concealed behind your "Patrick McGee" facade and just shoot off your pith at whomever has the courage to actually run for election.