Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Some Posers For PofA's Jack Bland And Cronies

Based on your story Jack, (Bland's Daily "A" L.T.T.E, "Not Really Secret") maybe "Secret" is too strong a word to use but private, one-on-one, meetings between you and Westerlund officials on the proposed Log Export project?

Private one-on-one meetings between, as you say, other Commissioners and Westerlund officials on the same project?

Well Jack, I am no scholar on “Quasi-Judicial Process” but, I think that is called “Ex Parte Contact’ isn’t it, (Off-record contact between an elected official and a party that stands to gain from that official’s involvement on an issue to be presented before him for review, deliberation and approval or denial.) in the least?

Maybe this isn’t secret but, is it really in the interest of those of us you serve in your capacity as a “Port of Astoria Commissioner” in the doing of “OUR”….”Public Business” ? Did you get that “OUR” part Jack?

Do you have any record of exactly what transpired at your meeting Jack or do we just take your word that nothing unethical hapened?

Again, I am no “Quasi-Judicial/Public Meeting Law” scholar but to keep this process pure and to assure complete transparency, isn’t this the way it is supposed to work…A Port Business prospect brings his proposal to “Port”, sits down with Jack Crider and lays out his plan with background and necessary information. Crider and staff take that information, “Vet” and “Due Diligence” it thoroughly and prepare a report packet that covers “Findings of Fact” with “Staff Recommendations” to be submitted to “Port of Astoria Commissioners” to be heard at a formal, advertised public meeting, along with the citizens they represent, for review, deliberation and approval/denial and with ample opportunity for input by both?

I don’t think in that process it allows you and your colleagues an opportunity to play “Power Brokers” by having your direct involvement way before you should, outside the interest of the citizens you represent and on top of that, harkens back to another “Port” blunder where “Off-Record presentations, purposely avoiding proper process have gotten us into a real mess and facing some serious litigation.

You, Jack, being the “Newby” on Port Commission, I want to ask you who it was that sat you down and told you this is how “Quasi-Judicial” process works and that it is OK for you to take it upon yourself to conduct yourself outside of it?

The sad irony about this, no pun intended, is that you blandly admit that you and your colleagues seem to think it is correct ethic, thereby prospering the perception of secrecy.

Am I wrong?

I’ll wait for your answer.


Anonymous said...

You're crazy, McGee.

Patrick McGee said...

And you're anonymous "Anonym".

Anonymous said...

yeah, and when I leave my name Im not anonymous any more-but you'll still be crazy.

Patrick McGee said...

Well, we are all a bit crazy in some way are we not "Anonym" and we know you are not about to leave your name for any reason don't we and we know why too don't we "Anonym"?

Anyway you, take exception to my viewpoint on PofA members conduct?

Why would that be "Anonym"?

James said...

This is the most intellectual conversation I have read on this website in some time. Of course, no one actually pays attention to McGee anymore, so who cares what is on his website.