Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Oregonlive:Details Surface On Brent Foster Resignation

By Scott Learn, The Oregonian
May 04, 2010, 8:44PM

When a judge allowed state and federal agents to search Hood River Juice in October, handcuff and cart off owner David B. Ryan and file criminal charges, a big piece of incriminating evidence was a water sample from a puddle near the plant that showed extraordinarily high pollution levels.

Turns out, there were two problems with that evidence, new court records indicate: The sample collection, including unsterile bottles and no custody seal, was flawed.

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John said...

The real issue is whether the juice company was polluting.
Defense lawyers love to distract the public from the bottom line.
If Foster screwed up, he'll have to be held accountable.
Unlike others Kroger does his business in public.

George said...

If we should the the justice system handle Foster, why shouldn't we also let the justice system handle the alledged polluter? Or, is the idea to let the media castigate the polluter and let Foster simply slink off into the sunset? Of course, it is understandable that the eco terrorists and Columbia Stream Keepers want the things Foster did to build what now appears to be a fradulent case swept under the table. Foster had to learn how to terrorize from someone, what it them? And, obviously, Kroger either does not know how to background his new lawyers or he is a poor judge of character. I bet he will get Foster a nice job at a law school just like he just did with the lawyer he assigned to the University of Oregon who screwed up the coach's "contract".

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Foster will deal for immunity to rat out his former boss? Kroger is toast no matter what happens, but it would be good to see Foster give him up

Anonymous said...

Kroger is going to burn in the little fire he couldn't control.

Jan said...

Dream on.
Just like the DA was going down the last time you trolls gathered.
Your sugar daddy, NNB, has turned out to be the storefront shell we always suspected

Anonymous said...

Time to clean house down at the DOJ or else the Oregon will continue to be the laughing stock of the Northwest....Kroger and all his double talk about transparancy etc...what a corrupt dirty little weasel

John said...

That would be the County Commission or the Port.
Only one convicted felon so far and that's Peter Gearin!

Sam said...

Now remember, Kroger was endorsed by our DA Josh Marquis. You wouldn't want to get him and his band of friends after you, would you. Just look what happened when someone tried to dock Marquis' pay because he didn't follow the County's rules.

Anonymous said...

The county commission is "corrupt"? Oh, really? Says who? Provide one verifiable example of corruption in the county commission. You cant because there isnt any. You just lie because you dont know what else to say

Anonymous said...

Foster is about to be disbarred--then let the bloodletting begin. Leave Kroger and Foster twisting in the wind to serve as an example that Oregon shalt not tolerate crooks in high positions. I hope the feds throw the book at them for trying to railroad that Hood River manufacturer