Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OLCD Letter On Clatsop Planning Commission Replacement Process Versus "The Law"!

The "Bylaws of The Clatsop County Planning Commission" of Clatsop County States Clearly, in-part;


Section 1

The Planning Commission shall consist of seven (7) members appointed by and serving at the leisure of the Board of Clatsop County Commissioners, each, to serve a term of four (4) years or until their respective successors are appointed.

Section 6c

The Board of Clatsop County Commissioners may remove any appointed Planning Commission member at its discretion.

Section 7

Any vacancy on the Planning Commission shall be filled by the Board of Clatsop County Commissioners for the unexpired term.


Anonymous said...

obviously, this commission is a majority of self serving buffoons and dillatantes. How much of the public funds are they going to squander on their vanity projects before someone steps in and say's "enough"?

Patrick McGee said...

You mean like the $2,000,000-plus squandered out of those "Timber Funds", at the time, in that "Special Projects" fund by the "Lee Era Commission" with no "Public Vote" to build the "Transition Center"?

And those "Clowns" called themselves...."Business Men and Women" and were actually, some say, making an attempt to run our County Goverment like a private business.

Whatever happened to that "Transition Center " anyway?

Hmmmmmmmmmm!!! Seems I heard somewhere it was shut-the-heck-down and taken over by the Clatsop County Sheriff's Department.

Is that true?

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is the CDC to tell a group of ELECTED county commissioners what to do in appointing planning commissioners.
Where was their concern when LNG was running Clatsop County?
This smells VERY political.
There isn't even a NAME attached to this "letter"

Marc said...

And then there is North Coast Business Park during old Boss Lee's commission and of all things somehow linking up with some of the players in Bradwood Landing and some cushy contruction contracts, Costco among others?

How in the hell did that happen?

Patrick McGee said...

So, what's this all about then?


The last vestige of the "County G.O.B.'s" in this remnant of the Lee Era(The Johnson led CCPC)at risk of being erased completely and not about to buckle to a law created by its own leadership?

A true sense, collectively, that tenure makes for common sense and wisdom when, in truth, County Planning staff vets and researches the Land Planning issues coming before "The County" and develops Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations on the issue and provides CCPC and CCBofC with clear data for them to make rational decisions on issues in the "Public Trust", "Interests" and "Input" of the Citizens of Clatsop County?

Politics being played-out in a non-partisan government committee within a non-partisan County Government?

Well, "The Law" is clearly behind the current sitting County Board of Commissioners and in truth thanks to Richard Lee, Sam Patrick, Tim Gannaway, Russ Earl and Bob Green for created it to their own agenda and benefit.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Rohne, Birkby, Lee & Huhtala.

Patrick McGee said...

"Anonymous said...
Get rid of Rohne, Birkby, Lee & Huhtala."

For what specific reasons "Anonym"?

Anonymous said...

They are lap dogs of elitist scum. Get rid of them. They pander to the gentrification of our county and insist on ruining us economically. Get rid of them