Thursday, June 16, 2011

Astoria School District Posts Summer Hours/Closures

July – August 2011
Summer Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday - 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM
The current recession has reduced State revenues and forced the Astoria School District to make deep cuts in the fiscal budget. Coping with these cuts requires closing the District Office on the days listed below. District employees affected by the closures will take unpaid furloughs on these days.
We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and we look forward to restoration of a full work schedule for all school employees when the economy improves.
District Office Staff Furlough Days – 2011
· Friday, July 1
(Holiday Closure – Monday, July 4)
· Friday, July 8
· Friday, July 15
· Friday, July 22
· Friday, July 29
· Friday, August 5
· Friday, August 12
· Friday, August 19
· Friday, August 26
In case of emergency, please contact Superintendent Craig Hoppes, 503.791.3818.
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Anonymous said...

Since the state sends school districts money based on the number of students, the local superintendent says school policies are made at the school level and legions of state wide lawyers and unions decide what to do with bad teachers, why are we spending money on any school district office in Oregon? Every district seems to fund a superintendent and considerable staff that takes millions and millions from the classrooms. Local control is a sham. We have not had local control since Prop 5. Why can't we get real, get into the 21st Century of wireless connections and get rid of the overburden of a "school district"? Oh, yes, I know, its because we would not get to decide the color of the football jerseys. And the "school board" would not get to meet so people could yell at them.