Friday, June 24, 2011

Port Backs A Ken Leahy(Bradwood Landing Owner)/John Dunzer(Seaside Rabble Rouser) Alternate Energy Venture!

Read The Daily "A's" Katie Wilson Report - "Port Backs Alternative Energy Plan"

Three Questions:
John Dunzer?
Ken Leahy?
Port of Astoria?

It's amazing how "Desperation" does indeed make strange bedfellows isn't it?

Not too long ago, when Ken Leahy and his confederates, Northern Star Natural Gas, were running hot and heavy trying to ram a proposed, alleged, Liquefied Natural Gas receiving terminal down our throats, and "Perpetual Candidate" John Dunzer was pimping his proposed scrap wood electric generating facility next door presumably to aid NSNG/Bradwood in warming that LNG, the last person Leahy and friends would even consider speaking to would have been Dunzer.

And now, here they are, in bed with each other with that scheme being publicy endorsed by the Port of Astoria because it "lines up with the "Port's" stategic plan as a "Generator" for jobs"?

One other question arises; What authority does Port of Astoria have at Bradwood Landing to express any legitimate endorsement for that proposed venture at all? Would it not be more appropriate for Clatsop County to endorse or diaprrove of that proposal?

And then another question arises; What about Tongue Point and Martin Nygaard's proposed Log Processing facility accompanied by a Bio-Mass Electric Generation facility that would generate enough enrgy to electrify 14,000 homes?

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