Monday, August 08, 2011

Clatsop County Home Rule Charter Timeline


1970 – League of Women Voters came to town and raised the idea. The Board of Commissioners passed a resolution in February calling for a nine-member citizen committee to draft a charter and gave the panel $500 to do it. The committee debated for 20 months before presenting a proposal to voters.

Nov. 7, 1972 -- Voters rejected a proposed charter by a 9-percent margin.

May 1973 -- County commissioners appointed another charter writing committee but it didn’t produce a proposal that made it to the ballot.

1981 – A 10-month study by a citizen group ended with a recommendation that a committee be appointed to draft a charter.

1986 – A charter committee formed after a countywide study again found interest in home rule.

Nov. 4, 1986 – Voters rejected the proposed charter by a 0.5 percent margin.

May 17, 1988 – Voters approved a charter that’s virtually the same from the 1986 proposal except for the additions of a provision explaining how citizens can amend the charter and the requirement that the commissioners endorse the county manger’s choice for department heads.
Nov. 9 1988 – Charter survived an appeal attempt.

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