Thursday, August 11, 2011

SAIF(State Accident Insurance Fund) Honors 97 Year Relationship With Clatsop County

Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2011


Top officials of SAIF Corporation honored Clatsop County Wednesday with a plaque recognizing its nearly 97-year relationship with the county.
Clatsop County was just the fourth customer of SAIF when it signed up with new worker’s compensation insurance provider on Sept. 29, 1914. Today the not-for-profit, state-chartered corporation covers more than 600,000 workers in Oregon.
“We have truly developed a partnership with them,” Dean Perez, the county’s human resources director, told the board of commissioners.
Perez noted that SAIF has worked with the county on safety and return-to-work programs that have reduced accidents and allowed county personnel to come back to their jobs more quickly following illness or injury, saving the county thousands of dollars in claims and lost time. “We get a lot of value for the money we put in,” he said.
SAIF Senior Account Representative Jarren Swazo told the board that Perez’ efforts have helped Clatsop County achieve the corporation’s lowest available rates.
SAIF CEO Brenda Rocklin, Return to Work Consultant Lynn Speidel and Claims Director Steve Snyder also attended the presentation.
Clatsop County employs 211 personnel.

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