Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clatsop County Sheriff's Office Week In Review - March 4th thru 11th

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The following are weekly reports from the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Division, Parole and Probation Division and Corrections Division.

Criminal Division

The Criminal Division had 199 calls for service for the period of March 4 through March 11. They include 10 alarms, 13 agency assists, two animal/dog complaints, seven disturbances, two Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) arrests, four property crimes, eight traffic citations, 71 traffic stops and 15 arrest warrants served. Crimes of note are as follows:

· Theft of two yards of ¾ minus gravel from the Knappa Water District on Allen Road;

· Disturbance on Walluski Loop that resulted in the arrest of Bjorn Vaugh of Astoria on a charge of Strangulation – released after six hours in Clatsop County Jail;

· Criminal Mischief on Kylester Lane in Knappa where a storage unit was broken into, nothing of value taken;

· Arrest of Torae Shufelt of Wheeler on a charge of DUII on Hwy 101 and Tolovana – released after one hour in jail.

· Arrest of Donald Baker of Seaside on charges of Menacing and Harassment on Elm Road in Jewell after a neighborhood disturbance involving the firing of guns – released after 15 hours in jail.

· Theft of two metal tent poles owned by the Commercial Fisherman’s Festival from Tongue Point property;

· Arrest of Jessica Slaughter of Warrenton for a restraining order violation – in custody as of March 13 for previous probation violations;

· Arrest of Kristopher French of Longview on a charge of DUII on Hwy 105 and Wireless Road – released after two hours in jail

· Arrest of John Bard of Beaverton on a charge of Public Indecency on Lewis and Clark Road near Crown Camp (milepost 10) – released after 20 minutes in jail.

If you have any information regarding the crimes listed above please call the Sheriff’s Office at 503-325-8635.

Parole and Probation Division

Currently Parole and Probation supervises 419 offenders – 319 men and 100 women. More than half, 51%, are 30 years of age or younger. Of that total, 259 offenders are being supervised for a C felony crime, 89 for a B felony crime and 49 for an A felony crime. Plus, 23 offenders are on supervision for misdemeanor offenses.

More than half of the offenders are either currently entered into treatment programs (41 percent) or have been referred to treatment programs (12 percent). Twenty-five percent of our offenders have completed treatment programs.

The Parole and Probation Division is in charge of:

· Direct supervision of state-funded felony offenders on probation, post-prison supervision and parole, as well as a limited number of misdemeanor offenders;

· Provision of programming and services to assist the offender in overcoming criminal thinking/behavior patterns and/or learning the skills necessary to appropriately function in the community;

· Imposition of a continuum of sanctions for noncompliance with conditions of supervision.

Corrections Division

The Corrections Division reports that from March 4 through March 11, 20 people were released early from the Clatsop County Jail. Of those 20, eight were forced Matrix releases that included crimes of: First-Degree Burglary, Attempt to Elude, Possession of Controlled Substance-Methemphetamine, Possession of Controlled Substance-Heroin, Failure to Appear on a Violation of Release Agreement, Reckless Driving, Reckless Endangering, Probation Violation-Interfering with a Police Officer.

The 12 that were released prior to completing their sentences involve crimes of: Post-Prison Supervision Violation-Sex Abuse I, Post-Prison Supervision Violation-Attempt to Rape I, Post-Prison Supervision Violation-Possession of Controlled Substance-Heroin, Post-Prison Supervision Violation-Possession of Controlled Substance-Meth, Probation Violation-Theft II, Probation Violation-Possession of Controlled Substance, Menacing, Domestic Assault, Probation Violation-Harassment, Probation Violation-Resisting Arrest/Reckless Driving, Driving While License Suspended, and Contempt.

The releases for the period March 4-11 resulted in a total of 88 days not served in jail for sentenced offenders.

Released by: Tom Bennett
Community Relations Coordinator
(503) 338-3622


Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have seen this. Is this a regular report provided to the public and, if so, is there a place we can get past copies?

Patrick McGee said...

You may try Clatsop County's Web Site for future reviews.

This is my first notification but you do know this is "Election Season"....right?

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. Thanks Patrick. I should have realized Sheriff Bergin would be much for informative now that he has others wanting his job. Maybe, after the election. we will get regularly updated information about our elected Sheriff.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed the comparison between Sheriff bergin and Sheriff Butterbean?

Michael Nelson said...

I have committed to "Opening the doors" of the Sheriff's Office to create transparency and encourage public input. A Citizen Advisory Panel will include members from the RLED, cities, town, and communities to observe operations and provide input. Who knows, a leaner, efficient operation might actually come of this.

Michael Nelson said...

Tell me about Sheriff Butterbean

Anonymous said...

In his endorsement of Tom Bergin, DA Josh Marquis has written that Bergin cut out the "dead wood" in the Sheriff's Office (we must assume that dead wood were all those deputies John Raichl hired). Marquis also says Bergin has "brought professionalism to the Sheriff's Office". Since Bergin has no college degrees, little to no professional training in management and about six months experience as the "chief deputy" before becoming sheriff, how did he learn what a "professional deputy sheriff" is? Marquis also says Bergin but the Transition Center and the Jail under the same boss, although I seems more like Bergin has destroyed the Transition Center.
Mike, can you comment on these things the DA says the Sheriff has made during his six years in office?

Michael Nelson said...

I am happy to reply. First, I am under supervisor directive to state the following: My comments are my own, not those of the Sheriff's Office or the County.

That said, the merger you ask about has not occurred, and the county budget for this fiscal year confirms this statement, unless the reference is to Bergin himself being the "boss". But a "lieutenant" was appointed to supervise the "Probation Division" which the transition center was a part of. That position costs up $83,600 per year plus benefits.

I responded to the article you referred to here the following week with a guest column in the same publication. Perhaps if the moderators could post that to this board we could post on that and go into the issues more in depth.

I still want to hear about Sheriff Butterbean.