Sunday, March 11, 2012

Conservative Party Affiliate Chair, Tea Party Patriot, Lisa Michaels, Defeated By Cornilles In Primary, Plans To Run As A Republican Against Bonamici

This is touted on a Lisa Michaels website: “Conservative Party (Oregon) affiliate Chairman, Lisa Michaels, is running for the 2012 Republican nomination for Oregon's 1st Congressional District. Lisa has produced many cable TV and youtube videos exposing BIG Government injustices and malfeasance. Lisa is a Conservative 1st! As the Chairman of the Conservative Party (Oregon)Lisa has been working to find and elect truly conservative candidates to serve in Oregon“.

Lisa Michaels,Tea Party Patriot, who lost the GOP primary, against Rob Cornilles, in the special election race for Oregon's 1st Congressional District plans to run as a Republican against incumbent, Suzanne Bonamici for 1st District Congressional seat.

Michaels filed Wednesday to run in the Republican primary for the seat now held by newly elected Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, D-Ore. Michaels is the first Republican to file for the seat, and she might be the only once since the filing deadline is on Tuesday and no one else has publicly expressed interest in taking on Bonamici.


Marc. said...
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Marc said...

Come on McGee!

I simply stated that, in my opinion, this is the level the current Republican Party has stooped to by allowing any political conservative hack, radical or poser to run for election under its banner.

Do you deny that is the case?

Hell, that's all you HAVE been saying lately isn't it?

Welcome back Barack!!!!