Friday, July 06, 2012

Columbia RiverKeeper Presents: Pipe Up To Stop LNG Exports

July 6, 2012
Dan Serres of Columbia Riverkeeper will head a discussion about liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports in Oregon and Washington, including new proposals for major gas pipelines in Oregon and Washington.

Audience Q & A and discussion will follow the short presentation. We'll share what we know about how to STOP LNG on the Columbia.

Tuesday, July 10th, 7pm
Cannery Pier Hotel, on the Columbia River at 10 Basin Street, Astoria

Coffee & cookies will be served. Please do not park on the dock immediately in front of the hotel if possible.

Background: For years, Oregon LNG proposed to import LNG through a terminal and pipeline based in Warrenton, right on the Columbia River. Now, after apologizing to Willamette Valley farmers for being an "inconvenience" for over 5 years, Oregon LNG has a new scheme. The company seeks to export LNG through its proposed terminal from a pipeline through Washington and Oregon. Its new proposed pipeline route would snake through Clatsop, Columbia, and Cowlitz counties. This week, Oregon LNG initiated its pre-filing process with FERC. The new docket number is PF12-18. The company also intends to connect to over 126 miles of new pipeline being proposed by Williams Pipeline through Washington.

Please join us to discuss community concerns about this proposal and to gather information about how concerned citizens can work together to stop LNG.

The event is free and sponsored by Columbia Riverkeeper and Columbia-Pacific Common Sense.

For more information, contact Dan Serres at (503) 890-2441 or


Anonymous said...

As long as the Columbia Riverkeepers are willing to raise their hands and accept blame for the moral and economic consequences of their recommendations, they should be given attention.

Anonymous said...

not going to give those lying sonsabitches anything-attention or otherwise

w said...

LNG = Clean green job's

Money for our schools

Money for Police and Fire

It is truly a no brainier.

Construction jobs impacts in Oregon and Washington, 2014 – 2018, annual averages of jobs created by direct impact of OregonLNG Indirect or Induced.
Put together by ECONorthwest; can be found it the Economic Impact study they did for OregonLNG Table #9 on the study completed April 2012.
Terminal & Plant employment: Direct- (2,755) Indirect- (2,327) Induced (4,502) TOTAL= (9,584)
Pipeline employment: Direct- (256) Indirect- (237) Induced (278) TOTAL= (771)
Freight: Direct- (43) Indirect- (15) Induced (25) TOTAL= (84)
TOTAL DIRECT-(3,054) INDIRECT- (2,579) INDUCED- (4,805) TOTAL-(10,438)
Jobs by year: 2014: Direct- (1,962) Indirect- (1,661) Induced- (3,061) Total = (6,684)
2015: (3,924) (3,322) (6,123) TOTAL= (13,369)
2016: (3,924) (3,322) (6,123) TOTAL= (13,369)
2017: (3,711) (3,125) (5,891) TOTAL = (12,726)
2018: (1,749) (1,464) (2,830) TOTAL= (6,042)
AVERAGE: 3,054 2,579 4,805 TOTAL= 10,438

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